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(Wild #2)
Sometimes doing the wrong thing feels so right... I'm a player. I'm an asshole. I'm someone you should stay away from. I have demons. I've made mistakes. And the biggest can't be taken back. I've gone to hell and back in twenty-nine years and I'm only now coming to terms with moving forward, righting my wrongs, and making amends. Except not everyone deserves forgiveness. Sometimes the damage done is beyond repair. Everyday is exactly the same. I focus on the pain, in the quest to feel and forget, but I remember everything. When I close my eyes the darkness encroaches and some days it feels like the things that kill me are the things that make me feel alive. *Ridge, like Wild, is a standalone. Reading Wild first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Ridge 

4.5 Stars

HOT, raw, emotional and real!! 
Ridge is not your typical cookie-cutter romance. It’s so much more… Prepare yourself for one hell of a ride!!! HOLY CRAP! Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down!! I kept on reading waaaaaaaay passed my bedtime, to the point where I realized I had just read the first 70% of the book in one sitting! What a rollercoaster of emotions!!! Holy cow!!!  If you have not read the first installment in this series, Wild, I suggest you do so before starting this one. It is there where we find out about Ridge and his relationship – or lack thereof – with his brother, Lane, lead character in Wild. It is this situation that basically molds this second book.

Let me start right off by saying that this book kicks things off with a bang! Quite literally!!! This is by far, Adriane Leigh’s hottest series, and the woman can sure write some sexy scenes, let me tell you!!! Boy, oh boy!!

Well, anyway….

“She was everything, had been my everything for a few months, the only one that had ever gotten me. All of me. The me that no one else had ever seen.”

Ridge Wild was broken…beyond words. Until he found Mia. The one person that kept him whole, but because of who she was, he had to set her free. He felt like he had to cut her out of his life for good. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, he could not shake Mia off. He loved her…he craved her…he needed her. She had become his lifeline. Without her, he was lost. Ridge had overcome a lot in his life and now, it was all being threatened. He was going down, once again, a very dangerous path.

“How could we ever expect to have a future when our past was so fucked up?”

After the death of his parents, his life had gone downhill and fast. The only relationship he had was with his brother, and he managed to ruin that too. He had betrayed Lane in the worst way imaginable and now, he wanted to fix things. He wanted to make everything better and to” by Raine do so, he figured he had to start by cutting off all ties with Mia. He believed that by removing her from his life, he would be able to mend things with his brother. That he would be able to at least start back up a relationship with Lane. But what that really ended up doing was shattering his already broken soul.

“I didn’t feel like myself; I didn’t feel like anyone. I felt lost. Dead inside. And I deserved every minute of it.”

Some parts where so hard to stomach….my heart ached and raced for Ridge and the situations he got himself in. It was like this terrible train wreck I could not help but stare at. I knew I had to look away, but for the life me, I couldn’t!!! He slowly started to fall back into old patterns…ones that almost destroyed him once. His drinking and smoking got progressively worse, and when you are a recovering drug addict like Ridge was, this meant really bad news. He was just so lost. He kept on making decisions that only ended up hurting him more and more…

Enter Amy.

I felt so bad for her, but at the same time, she irritated me. It was as if she had no pride at all. Her and Ridge’s situation was so messed up. The things that happened between them and Mia, literally made my jaw drop and once again, my heart ache. It was…crazy. I could tell Ridge was so torn…which in turn, kept me at the edge of my seat. He tried to do the right thing. I felt his pain and level of remorse. He wanted to do right by his brother and if that meant he had to endure his own suffering, then so be it. But sometimes, when it came down to Mia, his primal instinct just took over completely. He could not stay away from her. He could not shut off his feelings for her...his need for her. Which I completely understood. Like I mentioned earlier, Mia was his lifeline. He needed her like he needed his next breath. Without her, he kept drowning in his own pain…in the guilt of their situation.

“I live for you. I’m shit at life without you.”

For a long time while reading, I did not see any way how this book could possibly have a happy ending. I feared it would either end badly or in a cliffhanger. There were just too many things going on. When it wasn’t Ridge that was about to ruin things for good…it was Mia. Shit just kept happening!!!! Life kept standing in their way! I was anxious. Desperate for them to finally be able to work past their demons and finally be together…happy.

“You’re so fucking beautiful it hurts.”

This book literally left me speechless when I finished it. I had to take my time to fully process everything that had happened…to analyze and begin to understand my emotions. And trust me, it’s been hard trying to put everything into words for this review. It was a ride full of very high ups and very down lows that literally mind-fucked me. But I like the fact that the author didn’t sugar coat things. It was very realistic.

As for the ending, I must say, it ended in true Ridge and Mia fashion. It was perfect for them. I was truly happy to see that despite everything they went through, they did in fact get their happily ever after. I do recommend you buy this book, but keep in mind it is NOT a light and sweet romance book. It is raw, emotional, and SUPER hot. I am a huge fan of Adriane Leigh and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series, Slade!  

“When I met her, I’d found me.”

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Wild Series

(Wild #1)
An independent woman, a controlling man, and one wild one-night stand…

Kat Kennedy moved to the rugged coast of Maine to start a new life, but encountered much more than she bargained for in dark, dangerous, and seductive Lane Wild.

Desire and temptation smolder before she succumbs to her darkest fantasies with the captivating stranger. She doesn't expect to see him again after an explosive one-night stand leaves her breathless and craving more, but just like lightning in the darkness, he shows up in her life at the most unpredictable moments.

A sensual game of cat and mouse ensues before the attraction between them reaches a fever pitch—the magnetism combustible, the sexual tension nearly unbearable—and Kat finally abandons inhibition and explores the cunning, selfish, and sexual side of a world she's never known.

They have the perfect non-relationship—passion-fueled nights with no strings attached—until life gets real and the past and present collide in a dangerous storm of lust and obsession.

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(Wild #3)
Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain...

Always overlooked. Always just there. That's what Dillon was to me.

Until one night.

In one night she flipped my world on its axis and there's no going back. But she has secrets, and secrets fester like an open wound. They color the past and forecast the future, but I'm determined to open her up; free her from her memories so she can live in the light and have the life she deserves.

It's just too bad that she wants nothing to do with me. But I'm nothing if not persistent and I'm not a man that gives up without a fight. I've had a taste and there's no walking away.
I just have to convince her that I'm not what she fears, I'm what she wants. 

Slade, like Wild and Ridge, is a standalone. 
Reading Wild and Ridge first will provide some back story, but is not required to read Slade.

coming soon....

About the Author:
Adriane Leigh

Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore. She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter. 

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