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  1. Hey, Ly! Just wondering if MY French Vanilla is moving up on your list. Would love to have your review!----D.L.Kelly (Donna)

    1. hi!!! actually yes! i'll definitely read it by mid june at latest promise <3

  2. Hi Ly & Bethany, would you pl review my book, Decoding Love: It's Tangled?

    This is a chronicle of the IT and software world and tell a tale of gripping office intrigue, delicious sex and true love from Bangalore, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Shanghai. It presents an insider’s view of what really happens in the Indian IT industry and tells stories of starry-eyed freshers and hard knuckled managers from the coding trenches, programming contests, women in IT, Boardroom intrigue and scions taking over companies.

  3. Hi Ly or Bethany,
    I found your blog on the Book Blogger List and I was hoping you would be interested in reviewing my new romance, Wayward Love'.
    Below is the book description:

    Does age matter? How about race? When you think about these subjects, does the person you love come to mind? Do you find yourself trying to justify the feelings you have for someone that may not fit the ordinary couple standers? Should anyone have to give a reason for why, when that special person enters the room everything else ceases to exist? These questions have plagued Tia Grant, Junior Editor-in-Chief of her local newspaper and short story romance writer. As she enters into an interracial relationship with Maxwell Grant, a man 41 years her senior, society, family, and friend's instinctive curiosity keeps Tia questioning if she and Max are really meant to be.

    Please email me if you're interested.

    Thank you for taking the time to review request.

  4. Thank y'all so much for the super awesome giveaway!!!!
    Not sure if this is how I contact you....
    My e-mail