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Release Day Blitz: "Beyond Repair" by Chelsea Camaron

(Book 3 Daddy’s Girls Series)


Harrison and Tiffany have a long history of hooking up.Harrison decides he wants more.Tiffany, a spoiled Southern Belle is embarrassed by a working class Harrison. After over two years apart Tiffany is missing his touch.She heads to Charlotte to claim her man.

Harrison is finally settled in Charlotte.He has a job he loves, his sister close by, great friends, and an awesome agreement going with Sophia.

Can Sophia ever want more from Harrison than just sex?Has Harrison fallen in love or just lust with Sophia?

After all this time and hurt feelings, is he really meant to be with Tiffany?Can Harrison manage to let his guard down and find his way back to Tiffany? Will Tiffany be satisfied with a regular working class mechanic?Or is their relationship in the past and beyond repair?



"Restore My Heart" (Daddy's Girls, Book 1), "Salvaged" (Daddy's Girls, Book 2), and "Full Throttle" (Daddy's Girls, Book 2.5) are on SALE for $0.99 !!!!!


 About the Author:
Chelsea Camaron

Chelsea Camaron has a love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children. She was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina and her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing with a few projects currently in the works.


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Spotlight!! "Be Here Now" by Andrea Wolfe

Be Here Now


They took everything from her. 

Attacked her. 

Raped her. 

Left her for dead. 

She lost her whole life in New Orleans and fled to Seattle, hoping to find sanctuary from her dark past. Simone LeClair isn't sure if she'll ever love anyone again—or if she even wants to.

That is, until she meets the beautiful Aiden Meyers, a man with a myriad problems of his own, a man that wears different masks to keep his conflicting worlds separate from each other. For some strange reason, as soon as Simone lays her eyes on him, she can't look away. He's unlike any man she's ever met, and that makes him all the more unbelievable.

When she's with him, all her pain becomes a distant memory, pain that she believed she'd never escape. But as Aiden's walls start to crumble, and the worlds he juggles start to collide, Simone realizes he's dangerous in a whole new way - she's fallen hard for him, even though he's on a downward spiral that threatens to take her down with him.

Will Simone sink with him?

Or will she pull herself out before it's too late?

Full length (93,000 word) New Adult Contemporary Romance

Mature Content Warning: Contains adult language and content.

HEA ending.

"Be Here Now" is on SALE for $0.99 for a limited time!!!! Grab your copy!!!


About the Author:
Andrea Wolfe

Andrea Wolfe is a new adult author from the Midwest. She is happiest when she has coffee, a computer, and a cat. Yes, in that order, too.
Andrea started writing when she was really young, and wasn't any good at it. And then she wrote some more and got better. Now she writes a lot. She loves to take inspiration from many different forms of art and feed it back into her writing.
Andrea loves a good happily ever after, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy for the characters to get there. When she's not writing, she loves trying to make a better cup of coffee than the one she made before it, and trying to learn how to play random instruments. Oh, and she also loves reading.
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Cover Reveal: "Connectivity" by Aven Ellis

Cover Reveal








Overachiever Mary-Kate Grant (who is indeed named after an Olsen Twin) has followed every rule to the letter to pursue her dream of working in TV programming.  Ripping a page from the “hard work pays off” playbook, she takes an assistant level job at a Chicago sports network to break into the industry.

MK has no time or desire for a relationship right now—she is totally focused on her career and being independent, unlike the other women in her family.
But MK’s plans are run through the shredder when she finds herself working for William Cumberland, a British media mogul who made his fortune with Connectivity, a social media site. William blows into Chicago just like the winds off Lake Michigan and purchases the group of networks MK works for—and makes her his personal assistant in the process.
Suddenly MK finds her career plans in jeopardy. William makes her question everything she has ever thought and has the uncanny ability to see right through her. And for the first time in her life, MK finds herself not only questioning what she wants for her career but for her personal life as well…

Release Date:
October 23, 2013

About the Author:
Aven Ellis

I have always loved to write. I completed my first novel at the age of 15—an angst driven high school romance (Boy meets girl! Evil girl likes same boy! A deception! Will true love prevail?) Though I truly wanted to be a fiction writer, I also knew it was more practical to pursue a job in the communications field and write fiction on the side. So I went off to Purdue University and earned a degree in communication, writing for The Exponent along the way (apologies to anyone who fought through reading those early attempts at journalism.)

After a stint writing for a community newspaper and a public relations agency, and not enjoying what I was writing at all, I found myself a non-writing job and continued writing at night and on weekends. I completed multiple manuscripts that found a home under my bed. Complete it, print it, stick it in an envelope, slide under bed. It became a routine for me, similar to “Lather.Rinse.Repeat.”

Finally, years later, I wrote Connectivity. I loved this story; I loved writing for William and MK. I became brave enough to share this story with new friends who became equally as passionate about these characters and their journey. They encouraged me to submit it to a publishing house. Then, in a critique group session, wine was poured and one of my partners, Lauren Linwood, pointed her finger at me and demanded that I submit Connectivity to a publisher, telling me the words every writer dreams of hearing—this will sell. I ended up submitting Connectivity to Soul Mate Publishing and now can happily say I am a published author.

I live in the Dallas area with my family. I enjoy clipping out recipes I will never get around to trying, working out, and chatting with friends on social media. I am particularly fond of British actors named Benedict and Henry. I love shopping and fashion and admit to being obsessed with whatever the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing. I am also obsessed with any show or cookbook featuring Gordon Ramsay.

And I do not believe in the Lather.Rinse.Repeat theory when it comes to shampooing my hair.


Guest Book Review: "Seduce" and "The Wedding Novella" by Lexi Buchanan

(McKenzie Brothers, Book 1)

Michael is CEO of McKenzie Holdings and has a very bad habit of placing work before all else. His wife, Viv, had died in a car accident, with her current lover, on the way to meet with the divorce attorney’s six years ago. Michael was divorcing her because he’d discovered she’d had a stream of lovers during the course of their marriage. Since her death he’s had no wish to get involved with anyone, until Lily.

Lily, having lost her job at Oakfield Development gains employment at McKenzie Holdings thinking she’s going to work as the Assistant to Dale Roberts, but unbeknown to Lily she has been hired to work as Michael’s assistant. Lily is shocked, and disappointed to realize that the man she’s just been flirting with in the elevator is actually her boss.

Lily and Michael are instantly drawn to each other, but he’s her boss and Lily lives with her boyfriend of seven years. David, her boyfriend, has been acting strange for about five months which has caused Lily to re-evaluate her relationship with him and it comes up short, a lot. She had decided before meeting Michael that she wanted out of her relationship with David, but she has nowhere else to go, so she stays with him for now.

Michael and Lily finally start their relationship, which involves a lot of hot loving and scarves which Lily uses on Michael! Their relationship seems to be heading towards happily ever after, until Lily makes an announcement to Michael, which has him telling her to leave his home. She does, heartbroken, and runs to his brother Lucien.

This is book 1 of a 5 book series. Each book has a HEA!

4.5 Stars 

I would like to start this off by saying that this book was entertaining…..and very hot. The love scenes/sex scenes were great! I felt the passion. I felt the heat. I felt the love.

I would also like to say that some of the conversation between Lily and Michael felt very forced and had me shaking my head a few times; almost embarrassed by some of the “way” things were said. Aside from that and some grammar errors, this was a GREAT book!

Moving along now!! I don’t want to dwell on those minor things when the story itself was a great love story. I enjoyed the storyline itself….the ‘growing’ love between Michael and Lily was lightning fast! And I mean that in every sense of the word. Now, I for one know that this kind of love is possible: happily married 12 years now. However, it was crazy reading it in a book…..and being able to identify with it!

Lily gets hired to be an assistant, but little does she know it’s for the bigwig at the company. She originally was told it was for someone else. On her first day, on the way up to her office, she ends up in the elevator with Mr. McKenzie….and the *draw* they have to one another is very palpable! The magnetism, the pull….the draw between these two is powerful. It is all consuming, mind boggling and they flirt rather subtly with each other. When the realization hits as to who they are…..that’s when it gets interesting. Michael can get Lily out of his mind; Lily can’t get Michael out of her mind. 

They both end up in a club one night, unbeknownst to each other and the dance floor scene is HOT!!!! Panty dropping hot…..and that sets the stage for the rest of their encounters.

Michael has some issues with trust. Lily currently has a boyfriend. Hmmm……I’m telling you, it gets interesting! As the story unfolds and our love for them as a couple grows, jealous people come in, feelings get hurt, lies are unraveled and pieces need to be picked up. 

This is the 2nd book by Lexi Buchanan that I have had the pleasure to read. She writes differently than most of the writers that I have read. It’s a style that I have found that it is very up front and very easy to read. I have never once had to go back and read and ask questions….it all flowed really well. I enjoyed this book and will be reading The Wedding Novella next. Thanks Lexi!

I give this book 4.5 stars….sexy, hot and very loveable romance.



(McKenzie Brothers, Novella 1.5)

This can be read as a standalone, but to have the character backgrounds you'd need to read Seduce, Book 1. This is a short story of around 20,000 words and is intended for mature audiences due to sexual content.

You are cordially invited
to witness the marriage between
Michael McKenzie
Lily Redmond
1st August 2013
McKenzie Ranch
Lexington, Kentucky

4 Steamy Stars

This book is a follow up to Michael and Lily’s relationship, as we go through their wedding and join them at their reception. At the end of Seduce, we knew they were getting married. It was a beautiful wedding…..we got to be a part of the preparations and the walk down the isle, just as Michael got his first peek of his beautiful bride. The love that this couple has for each other is very palpable in both of these books, but the emotion comes through as Michael describes seeing his bride, as she meets up with him at the altar.

“Breathtaking,” Michael whispered to Lily before leaning in and giving her a soft kiss. “I missed you,” he said against her lips, finding it difficult to pull back.

The limo ride back to the honeymoon suite involved a VERY sexy scene that was panty melting!! The very way these love scenes are laid out, they give me the chills when I read them. I love how descriptive Lexi is…..

The rest of the book is basically sex, lots of sex….lots of steamy sex!! The honeymoon is absolutely, undeniably, one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things we have seen Michael do. He loves her and thinks of the very things that make her heart melt. I love how much he loves her and how hard he loves her. Because he does and we can feel it…

We make it through the wedding and get a closer look at Michael’s hot brother, Sebastian. The *funnest* part of the book, to me, was the teaser for Rapture (book 2). I am very excited to read about Sebastian and the woman that rendered him speechless!!! It is due out in October 2013, and I am looking forward to this book!!

4 Steamy Stars for this fun little addition to Michael and Lily’s wedding….and the quick peek into Sebastian’s book!!



(McKenzie Brothers, Book 2)

Full Synopsis coming soon...

What happens when you fall in love with the woman your brother is dating?

Catch up with Michael and Lily in the delivery room and find out how Michael reacts to his brothers wanting into the delivery room!

Also catch up with the other McKenzie's. Ruben, who's having problems with one of his employees, Rosie ((hint-hint)). Lucien, who's still Lily's best friend and of course Ramon, who's dating the woman that has Sebastian turned inside out.

Let's also not forget Jacky the office shark - what trouble is she going to cause??

Then there's Sabrina, a friend of Lily who's just returned from England, where she's been living for the past three years.

Expected Release Date:
October 2013

About the Author:
Lexi Buchanan 

I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived up until 3 years ago when I moved to Ireland with my husband, 4 kids and pack of animals. I can tell you it isn't pleasant travelling in a car with 5 cats in cat boxes in the back. Getting back into the car after the ferry journey to Ireland was the most unpleasant thing we had to do on moving day!!


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Book Review: "Reconnected" by Bethany Daniel

This is the cover of Reconnected

(Connected, Book 1)


Katy Warren had it all. A new husband, who was a successful theater actor and their whole lives ahead of them. But then Liam got discovered and once whisked off to Hollywood, he changed. After a night of being ignored for "business", Katy decides she can't handle it and leaves. Taking back her maiden name, and deciding to go for a Psychology degree she leaves Liam Warren and his celebrity behind, but she never got a divorce and Liam hasn't stopped looking for her. When their paths cross again, Liam does all he can to fight for their love even with Katy fighting against him.


 "Give me another chance, baby, please." 

I'm a HUGE sucker for second chance romance, which is the main reason this book grabbed me.  Katy and Liam went from being childhood friends to high school sweethearts. They even  ended up eloping in Vegas at just 19. Liam, whom I absolutely LOVED, worked as a theater actor and one night he gets "discovered" by a Hollywood talent agent. Quickly, we see how he lets this "Hollywood life" come between him and Katy. Feeling hurt and just fed up, Katy walks away from Liam's life. 

Four years later, Katy has moved across the country and is attending college, studying to get a psychology degree. She's now living in a dorm with her best friend Krista and is in a relationship with Lucas. But, none of them know of her little secret. You see, Liam and Katy never got legally divorced. In fact, Liam never saw her again....until fate stepped in.

Now a big time actor, Liam finds himself in Katy's new "home town" filming his latest movie. Just her luck, while walking from class with Lucas, Liam happened to see her. This brought them face to face for the very first time since the night she walked out. It's in that moment that Lucas finds out the truth and eventually, so does Krista. 

"Love is supposed to stand up to anything right?"

Finally finding Katy, Liam wasn't about to let her walk away again, so he decides to show her how much he's always loved her. 

"No divorce, I refuse to give you a divorce. I'm not dating anyone. Never gotten even close to serious, and I still love you Katy. You don't get to just sign the dotted line and be rid of me. I refuse it!" He steps closer and I gulp. "You are mine, Katy Warren."

" are my greatest accomplishment, Katy."

What Liam nor Katy ever expected was Liam's psycho "ex" and co-star, Alexia, to cause drama and heartache. Alexia caused something to happen in the story line that actually got me all teary. Ugh! Damn PSYCHO! 

"...nice to see you again too Katy. We get to shoot a very hot love scene to day...I have to go to wardrobe and get my lingerie. Black silk, Liam's favorite."

Lovely, isn't she? HA! Well you just wait.....
Anyway, in this book, other than having Liam and Katy's reconnection, we see Krista and Scott, Liam's best friend and fellow actor, develop a relationship. Even though I really liked Krista and Scott's story, I feel that it was sort of rushed... but mind you, that wasn't a deal breaker for me. I still really liked reading about them. 

I honestly enjoyed the general story line and all the characters in this book, but I feel like there were moments where the story lacked proper development. Also, I don't know if this was the final version of the book (I got a review copy), but there were a lot of grammatical errors. I don't like mentioning grammar issues in reviews because mine is FAR from perfect, but this was a pretty big deal in this book. :( 

All this said, I think it's an enjoyable read that you should pick up. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I LOVED Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He definitely made my book boyfriends list, so I'm looking forward to his PoV in Disconnected which is book two. 

"Here's to new beginnings, letting go of the past and making new memories."

*** I received a review copy of "Reconnected" when I signed up for the blog tour for "Disconnected" (Connected, Book 2) which is "Reconnected" but in Liam's PoV. 


About the Author:
Bethany Daniel

Bethany Daniel

Bethany Daniel lives in Texas with her husband and 2 sons. She enjoys reading, photography and, of course, writing. Bethany really found the passion for writing again this last year and came up with the idea for Reconnected after years of following Hollywood gossip and reading books about girls always chasing the guys and thought it would be nice for it to be the other way around. She is currently writing Disconnected, the story of Reconnected from Liam's POV.


Book Blitz: "Naughty Girl" by Scarlett Metal

#1 Naughty Girl Series

Alexandra loved the hot sex she experienced as a submissive in the bedroom, but would never give her heart to any man.

After getting hurt by his sub and wife, Paul swore he would never make that kind of commitment to a woman again.

They meet at the club that Alex frequents and quickly become play partners. The sex is amazing, but despite their reservations, they begin to fall for each other. Will they be willing to admit their feelings for each other?

Contains some BDSM (light) and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18+.

#2 Naughty Girl Series

Alexandra opened her heart and let herself be vulnerable to Paul. The walls around Paul's heart were torn down by the feisty Alex. Both of them are happier than they've been in a long time.

Paul's ex-wife comes to town and turns their life upside down and shakes Paul to the core. Will Alex be collateral damage of his past?

Can Paul show Alex that she's the only one for him before it's too late? Or will someone else from their past destroy them beyond repair?

Due to language and sexual situations, this book is intended for ages 18+