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Book Review: "Arranged" by Arlene Valle



Maybe she had what every woman wanted. Maybe she had the libido most women wished they'd had sometime during their life. Rich men can be good for you. Is it wrong to love more than one man at the same time? Three men, three different age groups. Each love affair for different reasons.

4.5 Stars 

I'm really happy I gave this book a chance! 
To be honest, I was scared at first... but now? I'm actually glad I read it and here's why.
First of all, this is not your typical romance book... it's so much more. Lately, in all the books I've read, the hero is very much against anyone else "being" with the heroine. That's so not the case here. You see, Samantha is what you could call a sex addict, a nymph...and Reid, bless his heart, accepts and understands this. He even makes sure her needs are always satisfied, even if he isn't the one doing it... so to speak. Enter Max and later on, Jim.

Samantha had a different type of relationship with each one. She was officially Reid's girlfriend, in fact, they even lived together. I felt like she loved Reid genuinely and deeply.  And I must say, so-did-I!!!! 

"All I see is you, princess. All I see is you." - Reid

With Max, there was more of a raw and HOT passion between them.  I honestly don't think it really went beyond just that physical need. They couldn't get enough of each other yet they both knew they could never be anything more...for many, many reasons. Reasons you'll find out throughout the book. Let's just say I had a love/hate relationship with Max.

"Let it go, baby. Let me feel you while I'm still deep inside you."- Max

As for Jim, I have to admit I really liked him. He was so kind, sweet, and attentive with Samantha. You could say their connection was more on the emotional side. This caused them to sort of develop a more significant relationship when compared to what she had with Max. Jim needed that bond with Samantha as much as she needed him which is why he treasured her so much. 

Overall, the story line had a bit of everything. It didn't only have romance and passion, but also mystery and even suspense. I found myself unable to stop reading during some parts, feeling curious and wanting to see how things turned out. There were quite a few plot twists along the story line that kept things interesting. Also, if I could rate this book on hotness alone, I'd give it TEN STARS!!! This is quite the HOT BOOK! HOT HOT HOT!

As for the ending, yes, there's a HEA!!!! Samantha ends up with ONE of them :)
Now, even though I feel like it was a bit rushed, I finished reading with a huge smile across my face. To say I was happy with how it all wrapped up is an understatement. It was what I hoped all along would end up happening...well, sort of. I mean, Arlene included a little twist right at the end that made it even better, at least for me.  

My advice to future readers would be to go into this book with an open mind. You never know, you might actually end up loving it... I did. :) So thank you Arlene for giving me a chance to read your debut novel!!! Like I said at the beginning, I'm so happy I read it. 

"...whatever happens in her life she will always come back to me, and I will always be there, waiting for her, welcoming her back." 

 I literally JUST found out from the author that there will be a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
SQUEEE!!!!! I'm sooooo very much looking forward to it!!!

More info coming soon...


About the Author:
Arlene Valle 


I was raised in South Western Ontario, Canada and moved to Ohio at the age of nineteen. My career to this point has been in IT, but I have always had a desire to write. I was the kid in the 8th grade still writing the essay question after everyone else had gone home. I had a hard time wrapping it up. I've always loved to write fiction and short stories.

When I'm not writing you will find me when the weather is nice, gardening. I also love to paint and over the years I have discovered that those two hobbies quite often go hand in hand.

I hope people will enjoy my first novel in the Romance Erotica genre. It will take you not only around the country, but to a tropical island. I enjoy bringing readers to another culture and area of the world.


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