Sunday, August 25, 2013

Release Day Blitz + Review: "Two Roads" by L.M. Augustine


The only person poetry-loving Cali Monroe hates more than herself is Logan Waters, the geeky kid who lives in the dorm building next to hers.

Ever since Cali's parents told her she would amount to nothing, she has felt entirely inadequate. Friendless and alone, she takes on the mean girl role in hopes it will make her feel better--and Logan serves as the perfect target. He infuriates her with his obnoxiously long lashes, his all too perfect dimpled smile, and his complete lack of personality outside of his intelligence. It doesn't hurt that he's part of the reason her brother is dead, either. So Cali hates him, and he returns the favor. Thus, their prank-filled, insult-driven rivalry is born, and torturing Logan quickly becomes the highlight of her life.

But when Cali's parents set them up on a blind date, she begins to realize Logan might not be as boring as she always thought. He shares her love of poetry, takes a sadistic pleasure in making fun of crepes, and he makes her blush when he calls her smile pretty.

And hey, maybe those long lashes of his aren't that obnoxious after all… 

Two Roads is New Adult Romance about finding love, standing out, and learning to embrace who you are. It contains some language and mild sexual content.


“There are not two roads when it comes to you;
there is only the road that leads to your love.”

“Two Roads” is one of the best books I've read this year!! It's an emotional yet witty and funny story that should not be passed up, for any reason! I knew this was going to be a good book, hell I thought it was going to be great. What I did not know was that it would blow me away!! Un-put-down-able’

The plot was captivating, very realistic and definitely not the light read I was expecting. I mean yes, it had a lot of moments where I laughed and grinned while reading, but there were also deeply emotional and even dark moments that literally brought me to tears. There’s a serious subject discussed in this book that practically broke shattered my heart.

“The world seems to go silent, and when I glare at Logan, he’s all I see.”

Cali and Logan love to hate each other. It’s that simple. In fact, they lived for it. It was funny seeing them go through all the trouble just to prank each other. (BTW, LOVED the lemonade prank!!! Epic!) They both used these pranks and their so called “hatred” to cover up the fact that they were deeply hurt, and in a way, emotionally scarred by what happened with Ben- Cali’s older brother and Logan’s best friend. Basically, Cali had her reasons for “hating” Logan, but you can totally tell from the very beginning that the very thin line between love and hate was always blurred… though that’s something she would never admit, not even to her own stubborn self.

“Everything else fades away, and it’s just him in front of me right now, him and me in our own little world. And I love it. And I hate it.”

“Our rivalry is beautiful because it makes us both forget about everything else.”

Throughout this book we see how Cali and Logan get under each other’s skin, how even though they are very different, they are, in many ways, very much alike.  We see them push their limits – at times too far, but we also see them just be there for the each other when they seem to need it most. More importantly, we see Cali and Logan face reality.

“I just, I need him, and I don’t care if we’re enemies or friends or whatever the hell we are, but I need him here. By my side. With me.”

I have NO complaints about this book. None. I guess, you can say I fell in love with “Two Roads”. The buildup throughout the story line had me turning pages desperately wanting to read more and more. And on top of everything else, the characters were simply put, uh-ma-zing!! Very well developed!!! FYI, I freaking LOVED Ruby! I could sooooo see her as my bff!!! She’s über cool!  

OH!!! And something ELSE I abso-freaking-lutely loved about this book was how poetry played such a crucial role in the plot!! 
OMG!!! Those poems!! Seriously, WOWZA! Mind = *pow* blown …  :)

This is a book I’ll definitely be re-reading and one I highly recommend all of you to buy!

“I love you with every part of me, and I need you because I love you.”

LM, that’s 2 for 2 in the crying department, thanks! *scoffs* :)

***ARC was provided by author in exchange for an honest review, thanks!!!  



About the Author:
L.M. Augustine 

L.M. Augustine is a YA romance author who is obsessed with writing about dorky teenagers, love, and happy endings. He currently lives in New England, where he spends far too much time reading books and screaming at his computer, and he believes that the solution to the world’s problems can be found in chocolate cake. Click To Subscribe is his first novel, but it won’t be his last.



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