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Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC

Mikey Hardin is a murderer. At least that’s what his ex-wife wants the police to believe…

A tattoo artist and single father, Mikey becomes a suspect in a series of homicides thanks to an anonymous tip from his ex. The case against him seems straightforward, especially since Mikey is connected to the victims, but police detective Harry Hunter knows finding the psychopath isn’t that simple. The physical evidence doesn’t add up. After Mikey is released and amid the turmoil of his life, he meets Grace Bell, a beautiful divorcee, in a chance encounter.

Mikey is everything that straight-laced Grace isn’t…

Grace is tired of living a rigid existence and wants to break free from the routine of her mundane life. The tattoo artist’s free spirit and charm quickly draw her into his world. From the back of his Harley, he teaches her how to let go and have fun, leading to a sizzling passion she never knew existed.

Another woman is found dead, and the killer isn’t finished yet…

Grace is unaware of Mikey’s part in the investigation of the local homicides, but when her estranged father, detective Harry Hunter, finds out who she’s dating, he’s quick to fill her in. Even though he thinks Mikey is innocent, there is a killer in Webster and he’s not stopping until he gets what he wants. Every victim is connected to Mikey, and her father fears Grace will be next.

After Detective Hunter receives a threatening phone call from the killer, he rushes to protect his daughter, but is Grace really the next target of the…
Tattoo Killer?

KINDLE (Available on KU!) | PAPERBACK

Oh my gosh, you guys!! By now, you all should know that I'm a HUGE fan of Romantic Suspense novels and well, AJ Norris has me HOOKED. Now, I started this book last night thinking I'd be able to finish, but unexpected things happened and I was unable to complete it in time for today's review. Boo.

However..... I am completely LOVING Tattoo Killer and I'm so curious to see how things unfold! There's murder, mystery, suspense, and romance so suffice it to say, I'm READY to dive back in! I expect to have a complete review tomorrow!

The doorbell to Ink Addiction chimed and Mikey inwardly groaned. He ducked behind the curtain toward the back of the shop. Through a gap he watched Detective Harry Hunter survey the parlor until he spotted the glass top counter and Mandy.
Her bright smile greeted him. “What can we help you with today?”
“Looking for Mikey Hardin. Is he here?”
Please don’t tell him I’m here.
“Yeah, he’s in the back.” She nodded in Mikey’s direction.
“Mike!” she shouted. Her feet padded toward him. “Mike…”
He came out of his hiding spot and nearly ran into her.
Her face flushed. “Oh…this guy is here to see—”
“I heard.”
Mandy returned to her post behind the counter as Hunter joined Mikey back by his work station, a cup of coffee in his hand.
“Hardin, need to have a word with you.”
What now?
“All right.” He waved him over. “We’ll need to make this quick, got another tattoo to do in twenty minutes.”
“This won’t take long. I’ll come right out with it. Do you know a Chelsea Rand?” Hunter scrutinized Mikey’s face.
“No, can’t say I do. Is there a reason you’re asking about her?”
“She was found murdered.”
“Another one? Shit, when?”
Harry sipped his coffee, eyeing Mikey over the rim of the cup. “About a year ago.”
“And you think I had something to do with it?” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “When is this nightmare going to end?” he muttered under his breath.
“What’s that?” Hunter asked.
“Nothing. When did you say she was killed?”
“A year ago. You didn’t know her?”
“That’s what I said.”
“Do you keep records of your customers?”
“Clients. Yes, but names only unless they pay with a credit card. Sometimes emails.”
“You wouldn’t happen to have the list handy or on a computer, would you?”
Mikey walked behind the curtain where he’d tried hiding from the detective. Hunter followed him.
He sat down at a glass top desk with chrome legs and began tapping on the laptop keyboard. He entered the name into the search function of the scheduling program. Chelsea Rand came up, along with her email address used for newsletters with the dates and times of all her appointments. Hunter leaned over his shoulder.
“How come I see her name?” the detective asked.

A.J. Norris is a romantic suspense and paranormal romance novelist. She began writing as a way to dim down the voices inside her head. She enjoys being able to get inside someone else's head, even a fictional one, and see what they see. Watching how her characters deal with difficult situations or squirm with the uncomfortable ones make the hard work of writing all worth it. She is a movie buff, especially book adaptations, loves watching her son play baseball and communing with other writers. She lives with her family who are extremely tolerant (at least most of the time) of all her late nights behind the computer.

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THE CHERRY HOUSE by @CJCarlyon #BookReview

Genre: Contemporary Romance
"Two strangers destined to be lovers, making agreements without even speaking; two souls wordlessly making changes, making room, making space, in seconds, you could feel it."

When Austen Soren returns home for the summer to the lush beautiful valley of her childhood it’s with the sense that she can be, will be, anything; accepted into the prestigious Writers’ Workshop her life is unfolding just as she planned.

Headstrong and impulsive, Austen’s world is upended the moment she meets Cashel Drai, the enigmatic owner of the storybook estate known throughout the village as The Cherry House. Cashel, devastating and damaged, loves her instantly but is held hostage by his past, falling backwards into its darkness and loss as Austen struggles with the experience of her first great love – at once desperate for him and desperate to be free of their wild longing.

As their relationship reopens the hearts - and wounds – of those closest to them can Austen hold on to the ambitions she has for her own life, is Cashel brave enough to let go of his past, and can they, together, fulfill the destiny that the quiet grave on The Cherry House estate whispered always; that forever is written upon them.


What a refreshingly different book! C.J. Carlyon's writing was easy to follow and fun to read. With witty and natural dialogue, I had no trouble whatsoever connecting with Austen and the rest of the characters. Ms. Carlyon stayed true to their age and reading their conversations took me straight back to college! It's not often I can say that an author truly developed a character perfectly, age-wise, but C.J. Carlyon did. She nailed it.


Cashel and Austen had an instant, and highly undeniable connection and hot chemistry. There was no turning back for these two. They were it for each other. Yes, they had their ups and downs, but I knew they would work through everything. They had to.

Man, if I'm being completely honest here, I loved Wyatt. I truly do hope he gets a book! That man was all-kinds of sexy! He had quite the alpha side and I'm curious to see him fall in love...again. *wink*

Overall, this was truly an enjoyable book that I read in one sitting. The characters were great and the story line was fun and refreshing. I had a bit of a hard time getting into it at first, but once I started understanding the characters and seeing where story line was going, I couldn't stop reading. I look forward to reading more from C.J. Carlyon! Go one-click your copy!

After her swim Austen lay on her back beside her friend close to the edge of the pool. She loved the delicious surprise of cool water splashing her ever so lightly, almost like a touch, whenever someone swam by. She closed her eyes. Her mind wandered. While Lilou had many boys – men - for fun and love while they were away, Austen found she couldn’t be as free. The boys – boys - she had been with had beguiled her with their smiles and their eyes and their young smooth lips, but their fingers were too unsure and too tenacious, not sure exactly where to touch her but determined anyway. They knew only how her body felt under their hands not how their hands felt on her body. And the softness of their skin, prickled with clippered hair rough like pencil shavings, unnerved her, the vanity and the cluelessness of it. Austen longed to feel something hard, something urgent, something real. She wondered what it was that Ruby had seen. “Are you going to fall in love this summer?” Austen asked Lilou.

“Of course; I love every man I’ve ever been with, I just don’t love them for very long. An hour, two hours . . .”

A rush of water sounded in Austen’s ear. She turned towards the noise and the first thing she saw were his devil’s horns, wet. Those curved hollows carved into his hips. She knew immediately, instinctively, it was Cashel Drai. His broad shoulders bulged and his biceps swelled as he raised his body up out of the pool looming over her, almost on top of her, splashing water onto her stomach, her breasts. Her eyes followed the cascade between his muscled chest, winding through the hair that licked across his stomach, down the muscles, down that bump, bump, bump, bump. He was so close Austen surprised herself imagining, just for a second, flicking her tongue along those dark chiselled trenches.

Cashel Drai stood above her. Their eyes met, locked, blue on blue. Austen’s breathing quickened as he ran his hand through the wet tangle of his dark brown hair, dripping water across her thighs. Veins ribboned the tanned skin on his forearms and his gaze traced the lines of her hipbones before coming back to her face where his eyes danced, wicked, his smile cocky. So sure.

“Got you all wet,” he said.

Austen eyed him coolly. Cashel Drai or not, who did he imagine he was, speaking to her that way, as though she would swoon. Please. Slowly she raised one hand, pretending to shield her eyes from the sun. As her arm reached higher towards her face the fullness of her breast shifted upward and her nipple, erect, edged closer and closer to the seam of her bikini. Cashel’s smile faltered his eyes hungry. Austen smirked and her gaze dropped to his black trunks and the thickness she saw there. She arched an eyebrow. All was quiet, as if everyone at the pool was waiting on her reply. For Cashel Drai she had just one word.


The crowd tittered, Lilou winked and no one could tell that Austen had lied.


C.J. grew up in a very small town - just 800 people - leaving for boarding school when she was 15. Attending university she attained a law degree and an arts degree with honours, majoring in English. Instead of pursuing the law she was a newspaper columnist for more than 10 years.

The idea for her debut novel, The Cherry House, struck long before the writing of it when travelling through the south of France she found a beautiful Provencal quilt covered with cherries. Unlike her protagonist, C.J. didn't buy the cherry quilt. She has never found another one like it.


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by Carissa Ann Lynch
Series: Flocksdale Files Book #2
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Seventeen year old Marianna Bertagnoli is miserable…

Not only did her father abandon her five years ago, now she’s being uprooted and forced to move with her mother and new stepdad to a creepy Victorian house they inherited in the even creepier town of Flocksdale.

Flocksdale has an evil, ugly past—and history has a way of repeating itself…

Marianna notices some strange qualities about her new home, and soon realizes she’s living in none other than the infamous House of Horrors. That’s right, the very house where the demented Garrett family ran a drug ring, leading to the kidnappings and murders of forty young girls.

The dark energy of the town begins to rise again…

Within a week of moving in, Marianna’s mother disappears, one of her small group of new friends is found murdered, and she’s attacked by a man wearing a hideous clown mask. As she searches for answers, Marianna wonders if the malevolence still lingers, somehow alive…and how her stepdad came to own the House of Horrors.

Unsure who to trust, Marianna turns to Wendi Wise, a survivor of the Garretts’ crimes…

Caught up in twisted family ties and surrounded by deceit, Marianna is targeted by a new generation of evil. Doubly imprisoned—in her own body and in the real house of the lost girls—Marianna needs Wendi’s help to unravel the bizarre history of Flocksdale.

But will Marianna survive long enough to bring the evil to light…or will she be trapped in the house of the lost girls forever?


Holy addictive book, Batman!! Carissa Ann Lynch managed once again to FULLY CAPTIVATE me from page one to the very last one. I had started reading my paperback copy of this book a few months back, but never got the chance to finish it (shame on me!). So, once again, I decided to take a Carissa Ann Lynch novel with me on one our camping trips, and I FINALLY got the chance to read it (that's exactly how I read book one in this serieswhile camping). 

I re-started it one morning, while alone at our campsite (husband and kids were gone for the day), and a couple of hours later I was done. Now, let me just say that reading this book while ALONE up in the mountains was not my brightest moment. I found myself feeling paranoid with every, single noise I heard. It did not really matter that I had five dogs with me. Nope. I found myself highly anticipating my husband's return to camp! Ha. Ms. Lynch is just that good with her thrillers!

Now, a bit about this MUST-READ novel...
While this is technically a standalone book, I would still very much HIGHLY recommend that you read book one, Have You Seen This Girl?, first which is Wendi's kick-ass story. Wendi has an important role role in this second installment and her book provides a lot of background information that will allow you, in my opinion, to understand House of the Lost Girls even better. 

Marianna had a life that was NOT was she thought it all. Plot twist after jaw-dropping plot twist proved that everything she thought she knew was wrong. Deadly wrong.  
This book gave me the creeps!! 
I'm not quite sure what I would have done in Marianna's situation. I mean, the things she discovered! Holy chalupas, I'd be devastated! With no one to trust, no one to believe in... What was left?

You guys, if you read ONE book this Halloween season, let it be this one (heck, this entire series, really!). I promise it's creepy, enthralling, and truly addicting!! I can't wait to start Carnival of Dead Girls!! FIVE STARS!


— ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carissa Ann Lynch —
Besides my family, my greatest love in life is books. Reading them, writing them, holding them, smelling them…well, you get the idea. I’ve always loved to read, and some of my earliest childhood memories are me, tucked away in my room, lost in a good book. I received a five dollar allowance each week, and I always — always — spent it on books. My love affair with writing started early, but it mostly involved journaling and writing silly poems. Several years ago, I didn’t have a book to read so I decided on a whim to write my own story, something I’d like to read. It turned out to be harder than I thought, but from that point on I was hooked. My first and second books were released by Sarah Book Publishing: This Is Not About Love and Grayson’s Ridge. I’m a total genre-hopper. Basically, I like to write what I like to read: a little bit of everything! I reside in Floyds Knobs, Indiana with my husband, three children, and massive collection of books. I have a degree in psychology and worked as a counselor.

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PINKY PROMISE by @HJBellus #SALE #99cents

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance | New Adult

Baylor Jones and Stayton (State) Blake.

Two lost souls raised on the streets. Young children vowing to always protect each other. He was only nine but he was her protector and best friend for years.

Even when thrown in foster care he took care of her always like a king to his queen. A silent pinky promise shared between, it was their secret protection to one another.

Then one morning he was gone. Leaving Baylor on her own to battle the streets and more importantly life in the Kings all by herself.

“I will love you, even if I never see you again.”

ON SALE FOR ONLY .99CENTS! But hurry, sale is ENDING!
KINDLE (Available on KU!) | PAPERBACK

HJ Bellus is a small town girl who loves the art of storytelling. When not making readers laugh or cry, she's a part-time livestock wrangler that can be found in the middle of Idaho, shot gunning a beer while listening to some Miranda Lambert on her Beats and rocking out in her boots.

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#CoverReveal + #PreOrder: BEDWRECKER by @authorkimkarr

Bedwrecker by Kim Karr
Release Date: November 3, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Shanoff Formats
Cover Model: Robson Costa

Every girl has had a broken heart.
Every girl knows love hurts.
Every girl has a story.
This is mine…

My name is Maggie May and I met him under a haze of purple lights. As cliché as it sounds he was tall, dark, and handsome as hell, and I had fireworks in my eyes…literally.

It was New Year’s Eve and beneath the magic of all that glitters and shines, I fell for him and his wicked ways. The way he moved, the way he touched me, the way he brought me to orgasm over and over.

You should know that I don’t believe in love. Fairytales and happily-ever-afters are never anything I’ve dreamed of…until him.

Something changed the moment our eyes met. It wasn’t insta-lust or insta-love, it was simply him and me, and the dance floor at our feet.

The problem is our story ended three days after it started.
But now he’s back.
And he says he’s sorry.
Can I believe him?
Do I want to believe him?

He calls me his bedwrecker…but what if he wrecks me?


Reader * Writer * Coffeelover * Romantic
Kim is a daydreamer. So much so that if daydreaming could be a hobby it would be her favorite. It's how her stories are born and how they take root. An imagination that runs wild is something to be thankful for, and she is very thankful. :)

She grew up in New York and now lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She's always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, she wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. She went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise her family. Kim currently works part-time with her husband and with the rest of her time embraces one of her biggest passions--writing.

Kim wears a lot of hats! Writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all around go-to person of her family. However, she always finds time to read. 

She likes to believe in soul mates, kindred spirits, true friends, and Happily-Ever-Afters. She loves to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart.

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EVERYTHING STOLEN by Sophia Scarlet: #BookReview

Genres: Contemporary Romantic Suspense / Thriller 

Release Date: Sept. 19, 2016

Four years ago Jeremy Bradford disappeared leaving the woman he loved heartbroken and pregnant with his child.

Two years ago Sylvie Solum married Silas Chambers and vowed to leave any hope of seeing Jeremy again in the past.

Today, Jeremy Bradford woke up from a four year coma.
Resolved to reclaim the woman he loved.
Bent on uncovering the truth about his disappearance.
Determined to make whoever is responsible pay for everything stolen.
...And Bradfords always get what they want.

**This novel is steamy, dark, dirty and appropriate only for adults.


What a refreshingly different story line! Sophia Scarlet delivered an addictive page-turner filled with heart-breaking, suspenseful, and passionate moments that I recommend you read. 

Jeremy and Sylvie got dealt a crappy hand, relationship-wise. After waking up from a coma, Jeremy learned that his world had changed completely. Nothing was as he remembered. 

He needed answers. 
He needed Sylvie. 

Sylvie had gone through hellI felt so bad for her! Overcoming a not-so-easy past, Sylvie wanted nothing more than to settle down with Jeremy; build a life together. But then, Jeremy was nowhere to be found.  

Sylvie's life changed....forever. 

This book was truly something else! I needed answers as much as Jeremy and I wanted nothing more than to read and find out what was going to happen next. I felt for the characters and had no problem whatsoever understanding them all. Sophie Scarlet is a new-to-me author and I'm sure glad I found her! Will be checking out her future work for sure! 

Sophia Scarlet is a Maryland native. She lives with her husband, two children, and cat in the woods not far from the Potomac river. When she is not writing or shuttling her children around, you can find her practicing yoga, cooking, or picking seasonal vegetables at the local CSA.


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SCANDAL by @HJBellus: #NewRelease #BookReview

SCANDAL by HJ Bellus
Series: The Reckless Crew, #3 
(Inter-connecting standalone novels)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
From the USA Today and AMAZON best seller of The Reckless Series, HJ Bellus, comes a sexy romance: SCANDAL.

/ˈskandl/- an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.

That’s my life. It’s all been an evil game of charades with me at the center.

I followed their rules. Married the right man with the perfect last name. Made the best wife and partner for, Zack Blackwell, on his triumphant trial to the Senate.

My reward…
lost my best friends.
watched myself dissolve in front of the mirror.
hidden bruises, broken bones, and a crushed soul.

I’ve ran and know there will be punishments, but there’s no way I can get this bone set in the hospital. Zack will be exposed. In a sick and twisted way I can’t hurt him. It’s all part of the Scandal.

I call the one person who always saves me, Ava. But will she answer?

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ON SALE FOR .99cents this week ONLY!

ALL BOOKS ARE ON SALE THIS WEEK TOO!! Purchase each ebook for only .99cents!
DIRTY, Book #1
FILTHY, Book #2

I love Kip. 
I love how private he is, how protective he is, how he stands up for what he believes in, how he does not take crap from anyone, and basically, I love who he is. 
I. Love. Kip. 

"Every ugly healing bruise and scar shreds me like no other. I've remained a private person for good reason, but for some strange fucking reason Chloe is tearing down all the barriers and doesn't even know it."

Upon meeting Chloe and seeing the hell she's been through, Kip couldn't help but feel protective of her. He's already seen the effects an abusive husband can have on a woman, and he'd do anything to keep Chloe from ever experiencing that final blow.

Kip and Chloe have a connection that sizzles right off the pages of this book. You can tell he wants nothing but the best for Chloe and she knows it. She opens up to him and with Kip's help, she slowly begins to heal. 

"Chloe, you're healing me as much as I'm helping you."

Kip and Chloe's story is a journey you need to take. HJ Bellus creates a suspenseful yet passionate story that will hook you! This book is a great addition to a fantastic series!

USA Today Best Selling Author, HJ Bellus is a small town girl who loves the art of storytelling. When not making readers laugh or cry, she's a part-time livestock wrangler that can be found in the middle of Idaho, shot gunning a beer while listening to some Miranda Lambert on her Beats and rocking out in her boots.