Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Love Like This CONTEST!!!!!!!!

First off, if you haven't read "A Love Like This" by Kahlen Aymes, you HAVE TO! It's AMAZING!!
A phenomenal ending to an incredible Trilogy!

See Review Post here

Ok, now on to the CONTEST..

This contest will run from TODAY (June 15) up until JULY 15 !!!

Want Kahlen Aymes t0 visit your city???

Here's what you have to do..  

leave ONE COMMENT here on the blog post  listing the reason(s) why Kahlen should visit your city.  !!! 

But make it compelling... come July 16, I will choose ONE finalist (the best comment) ..  

and then here's what's gonna happen:

- I send off the finalist from my blog to Kahlen's assistant, who will receive all the finalists from all the other blogs participating .. she will  then strip the entries from all the finalists of any identifying information  and pass them along to Kahlen.

- Kahlen will then choose the Grand Winner!! 

The winner will get to have Kahlen Aymes visit their city with books and swag!!! 

Awesome right!!!!?? 

If the finalist I choose, ends up being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, HEA Book Shelf will get a Kindle Fire HD to gift in giveaway!


personally, I think Kahlen should come to HAWAII! :) lol


  1. please come to michigan, we never have authors here, and it would be a great thing to have an event here, so we could meet you and have a chance to read your books.

  2. Kahlen should come to Fort Worth, TEXAS... because everything is BIGGER and better in Texas. Really we have a really nice town with lots of things to do. You won't be bored that's for sure. You'll meet lots of nice people. Did I mention we're home of the stockyards.... Cattle drive daily, 20 minutes away from Texas Rangers Baseball. So do it... COME VISIT!!!

  3. Indianapolis! Because I'd be able to go and meet her and it'd be great! OR Chicago, 'cause I'm also close to there!!

    Thanks for the chance! (:

  4. Come to Sunny San Diego, CA. We have Comic-con, the world famous zoo, Sea World, Mysterious Galaxy book store and soooooo much more!!!

  5. I would like her to visit Alexandria or DC because I could use her advice on writing.

  6. Okay firstly I would like to say I have never read one of your books before but the minute I get this blog comment done I will go and purchase a copy or two and read it A.S.A.P. Secondly I don't even know if this is international or not??? if so I would love to have Kahlen Aymes visit my country....... wait for it "NEW ZEALAND". Thirdly I think she could plan a great holiday for herself here in the wonders of NZ my country is great for it's lush beauty, sight seeing, where it would all take her breath away. The food and seafood abound would be mouth watering 5star hotels and vineyards on Waiheke Island where it could provide inspiration for upcoming books. I know it's pretty far fetched but everyone needs some good old alone time, I don't mind if I don't win I love taking the time out to say hi and chat to fans and authors. So thanks for the chance to enter this fab giveaway.....

  7. Philippines!! Davao City.. Well, I haven't seen (I think) any authors went here.. Davao is a great city.. It's different from Manila and definitely a place to visit.. =)

  8. we live in a small town and it is near penn state university.we live in lewistown pa.close to harrisburg pa we never get anyone hear to visit and it would be nice for the town denise smith

  9. Myrtle Beach, SC because it is a great vacation destination as well as home to your biggest fan! Please pick me to get this wonderful opportunity to meet the mastermind of Ryan and Julia!

  10. Birmingham, AL. We are rich in culture. We have 2 National Championship football teams for the state. We have beautiful beaches, the best food the south has to offer. Not many book signings or Authors visit AL. I am one of Kahlen's biggest fans and supporters! We would love to see her come visit here in Sweet Home Alabama~!