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Blog Tour Stop + Giveaways: "Carry Your Heart" by Audrey Bell

(Book 1, After Forever Series)


Champion skier Pippa Baker lost everything in the avalanche: her boyfriend, his best friend, and her will to win. After a year of grief, she returns to competition. 

She finds more than buried memories and steep slopes in Utah. She finds Hunter Dawson, a heartbreaking daredevil with the gold medals to prove it. And she finds that his reputation doesn’t stop her from falling hard, and that her heart might not be as broken as she once believed.

But, Hunter has scars and memories too—scars that make him believe falling in love might hurt too much, scars that make him run. 

Pippa knows how much love hurts when it’s gone. Will she stop herself before she’s in too deep? Or will she let herself fall?

5 Stars

"Someone should have warned me that the danger you took when you fell in love was pain worse than anything you knew before you were in love. That when you let yourself need someone like that, it's a bad addiction. And when you wake up without them, the withdrawal is its own kind of dying."

What an amazing debut novel! "Carry Your Heart" was an emotional and at times angsty book that kept me glued to my Kindle. I cried, laughed, giggled, swooned, and even got pissed while reading. And man! Talk about a well written Prologue!!! It automatically captured my attention and truly made my heart race since I could feel everything that was being described. 
The book starts off in a tragic and life changing event in champion skier, Pippa's life. The day her boyfriend and best friend died in an avalanche. 
My heart broke.. like literally broke for Pippa.

"There's the hurt, angry girl who lost her boyfriend and her good friend in an avalanche and swore she would never forget them."

After taking a year off from skiing, Pippa's coach convinces her to compete again.  On her way back to Utah to train, she meets one very hot and sexy snowboarder.. Hunter Dawson. We quickly see Hunter's witty and smart-ass side. Trust me, this guy will make you laugh..and swoon. But, he may also piss you off.. you see, even though there's more to him than everyone thinks, he's also a bit of player and bad boy.

"What did you say your name was? Phillippo?" I laugh at the pronunciation. "Philippines?"
"Phillipa and you can call me Pippa."
"Pippa? Huh. I like Phillippo better."
"Yeah, I heard you. But, I like Phillippo better."

After spending so much time away, and starting a new friendship with Hunter, Pippa returns to looks, gossip, rumors, and jealousy. Enter Laurel. Boy! did I dislike her
It wasn't enough that she was giving Pippa a tough time, but Pippa also had to deal with everyone seeing her as "Ryan's girl". And shame on her for dating another guy right??? ppff.

"You can't control what anyone is going to say to you; you can only control how you respond to it." 

I loved seeing Pippa and Hunter together... as friends and as more. No one could deny their chemistry. It's like they brought out the best in each other.. but at times, the worst. Both having baggage, plus the present-day stress, plus Laurel? Yeah.. there's drama... plenty of it, actually.

"This shouldn't make so much sense. Me and him. But somehow it does."

"It always seems so impossible for anything to go wrong. It's only when it happens that we realize how the chance of that happening was always there. That we'd been playing with fire all along, and until our hands were burnt, we didn't even know it was hot."

"I turn, trying to pretend I didn't just hand over my heart and he didn't take it."

Okay... about the ending... ha! the ending..let's just say at around 98%, I was in full PANIC MODE! Begging every thing that's holy for this book NOT to end in a cliffhanger because I would've just died right then and there. I literally had to walk around the house, while reading, just so that I didn't completely freak out. BUT, rest assured, relationship-wise, this book ended in a wonderful place... plot-wise however, there are a lot of things that were left out in the open... so, calm your racing hearts.. cause there's another book, "Crash Into Me". 

The only downer for me in this book was the grammatical and editing errors.. which is something, even though I notice, I usually don't mention because to me, it's not that big a deal.. but in this book, there were quite a few. So if that's something that bothers you, keep it in mind, though I have to say, the story line is just too awesome to let it pass because of that. 

I recommend this book!!

"But the most important thing I've learned is that time is a funny thing. You never really know how much of it you've got on your side.  And it turns out once you stop worrying about next week, all you can see is today."

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. Thanks :)

Crash Into Me
(Book 2, After Forever Series)

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Fun Facts about Audrey Bell:

 1. I lost my two front teeth when I walked into a swinging door.

 2. I’m afraid of the subway and I live in New York City. I’m the most useless New Yorker you’ve ever heard of.

     3. I thought the saying “for all intents and purposes” was “for all intensive purposes” until yesterday when I misused it in an email while trying to sound smart.

       4. I wanted to be a journalist until I realized it was way more fun to make things up.

     5. I’m addicted to Amanda Bynes’s twitter feed.

About the Author:

Audrey Bell lives in New York City, where she indulges her SoulCycle addiction and expresses her passionate hatred of the 6 Train. You can find her reading in Central Park, overcaffeinating at Starbucks, or trying to kidnap her neighbors’ Maltese puppy. She loves hearing from readers.


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