Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book Review: "Hope Breaks" by Alice Bello


Hope Jones has two problems: one is new, the other is depressingly old.

The new problem: the bestselling author the publisher she shoots romance novel covers for hates her newest batch of covers. She has until the end of the week to come up with a breathtaking shot or she’ll be replaced. And there’s a sudden model shortage; they’re out of season.

The old, depressing problem: she hasn’t had a date, sex or a relationship in over two years.

She also has one hell of a headache.

Hope finds the cures for her two problems during a search through Wal-Mart for a painkiller to kill her headache.

Turns out the aisles of the retail giant are rampant with hot young model worthy specimens. And when her trusty Ford Taurus breaks down in the parking lot, a hunky mechanic in the Tire and Lube Express department fixes more than just her car.

Seemingly her troubles are good as gone…but then her new, fabulous cover is rejected, and in a desperate moment she has to choose between keeping her job and keeping the man she’s just starting to fall in love with

5 Stars

"Hope Breaks" is a funny, witty, and very sexy novella!

Once I started, I seriously did not wanna stop reading. I kept on reading well into the night until I was literally falling asleep.. and even then, I kept reading with one eye open! 
It's that good!!
Right from the beginning I fell in love with the characters and the story line.. seriously, I was hooked! 

Hope Jones is so funny and witty!!! LOVED her inner dialogue!! I laughed and giggled a lot while reading this novella. The way it was written was so natural, that I connected with her right away. 

Basically, Hope is now an e-book cover photographer and some work-related stress, causes her a very bad migraine which makes her go to Wal-Mart to buy meds. On her way out from the store, her car decides to break down. Enter sexy mechanic, Jake. 

"I tried not to stare too hard at his really firm, tight ass. But he was leaned under the hood while I turned the key in the ignition, and well... there was his ass."

  They've known each other since high school, though Hope didn't really remember him since he was in her older brother's class.. but he definitely remembered her. Their strong attraction obviously leads to them dating. And I just have to say.. They are so cute together!!  I found myself reading with a grin on my face.. love them! 
As the story develops and certain things happen..  some questions regarding Hope's past are brought up to the reader's attention.. there is more to her than meets the eye. I can tell that a long the next two installments in this series, we will get to see more about it. I'm definitely looking forward to it. 

"I was feeling out of control, like I had back then, with him."

"..I held up my right hand and showed him a star shaped scar on the back of my wrist.'I shake too much to hold a paintbrush. But I'm fine at clicking a camera.'.."

Ok, so now about Jake... can I just say.. YUM!!!???? Cause that pretty much summarizes what I think of him *wink*  Man!! He's just so sexy, hot, sweet, funny.. and YUMMY!

"He pushed his soaked jeans down off his hips, and I saw he had gone commando to the concert- and what was in his was very much commanding... commanding my full attention."

As I was getting closer to the end... I was getting a bit antsy cause I knew Hope was going to do something stupid... and BINGO! she did. So, regarding the ending.. all I'm gonna say is.. 
I-NEED-TO-READ-MORE! ... I NEED that second novella!!!!! like yesterday :)

 I recommend this novella!!!

***ARC of  'Hope Breaks' was given by author in exchange for an honest review, Thanks Alice :)

More to come in the series.. 

Hope Entangles

Hope Rises

About the Author: 

Alice Bello

"Let me introduce myself. I'm forty--which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I live to read and love to write. I love romance, comedy, brooding and sparkly vampires, and I love pizza. I have a dog named Jack, and I work somewhere I have to wear a blue top and brown pants (you can probably guess).

I've just written my first romance. Erotic, funny, about 35,000 words, so it's a novella, and hopefully a good one. I'm working to get it reviewed while I write the second part. I'm planning on having three 30,000 words novellas in the series.

Hope Breaks
Hope Entangles
Hope Rises

Wish me luck."


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