Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm SUPER Grateful !! Thank You!

THANK YOU for all your support!!
 I mean .. wow! The Facebook page passed the '500 Likes' mark much quicker than I ever hoped or imagined!
You guys are amazing!!! 

and also.. 

THANK YOU to my 
TWITTER followers!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Over 650 followers!
You guys ROCK!!!!!

I actually started my book worm ways on twitter.. 
What is now @HeaBookShelf, used to be my personal account.. @ly_isabelle.. 
where I would just chat with fellow book junkies and authors.. so then I decided to create the blog ..

and here we are today!!

So, once again.. 
Y'all never know how much this truly means to me.

Happy Reading!!!

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