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Book Review: "Take a Chance on Love" by Christi Williams


When Chancie de Leur meets highway patrol trooper Micah Taylor one frosty Wyoming night, instant sexual heat kindles between them. Chancie’s a lonely young widow who owns her own business and Micah is divorced, so there shouldn’t be anything holding them back. But Micah wonders if Chancie’s obvious wealth might become an issue, or the fact that she’s apparently the second woman in his life who has zero interest in ever having his baby.

Micah has no idea of the real problem between him and Chancie, until he meets her son. Ten-year-old Jamie de Leur is determined to break up his mom and her lawman, and Micah questions whether any relationship with Chancie is worth dealing with the spoiled kid she’s raising.

In a showdown over Jamie breaking the law, Micah has to decide if he wants to be Chancie’s cop—or her family man.

4 Stars 

"Micah. Her own sexy cowboy.."

Take a Chance on Love was a refreshingly different kind of love story. 
Micah was a regular working guy... a very hot, 33 year old, divorced, highway trooper to be specific and Chancie was a 30 year old business owner with a 10-year old son. 

So, anyway..
Micah and Chancie meet one night.. both on the job. You see, Chancie owned Screening Services, and Micah, for his job, had to go get tested. 
Right away they both felt an incredible yet surprising attraction, so what did they do? They quickly began dating.. and when I say quickly, I mean like that same night. Due to Micah's work schedule, their dates had to be past midnight. You'd think they'd have sex right off the bat, especially with their dates being so late.. but no. Micah, even though he wanted nothing more than to get Chancie in his bed, he let her set the pace for their new relationship.

"I'm killing myself to hold back, only because of you. Because you're so damned important to me. I don't want to make a mistake."

"I just want you so much"

I was really rooting for Chancie and Micah. They both came from broken marriages, so I felt like they deserved to be in a happy relationship for once.  But no.. it couldn't be that simple now, could it? Chancie's son, Jamie was one tough ten year old boy. I did not know kids that age could be so damn mean and just spiteful!!! But Jamie? He sure got that down.. He made no mistake in letting Chancie and Micah know he did NOT approve of their relationship... and that he pretty much hated Micah. 
The fact that Chancie spent so much time on the road doing job-related things,had  her mother-son relationship already strained since the beginning and adding Micah to the equation just made things worse.

"She was almost bankrupt in more ways than one."

That quote right there explains it perfectly, really. Every thing seemed to be falling apart. From her job, to her family, to her relationship. Chancie had finally found someone to be truly happy with, but Jamie stood in the way of that. Of course, there's a reason behind Jamie's troublesome attitude.. which kinda broke my heart. But still, he was one huge pain in the ass!

"I don't know where we stood. You and me, especially after the other night. So I didn't talk much about the future."
"Maybe it's time to face the fact that we don't have a future, Chancie."

Micah, obviously had his reservations towards his relationship with Chancie because of Jamie. He'd already suffered through one divorce, so why go through all the pain again? As Micah saw it, she'd never choose him over her son.. not that he'd ever ask her to.

Like I said, I was really rooting for Micah and Chancie, so seeing how things kept getting in their way, made me kinda antsy. 

I really liked the ending, though I wish the Epilogue would've been a tad longer.  I felt like it was a bit too summarized. It just mentioned certain important things in their lives which I really would've loved to read more about. 

Overall, I liked Christi Williams' writing style.. her book just had a smooth and natural flow.  I even found myself smiling through some of the witty comments made.  

The sole reason why I can't give this book the complete 5 stars is because even though I did enjoy the story line, I never really fully connected with it. But that's the only thing really. 

'Take a Chance on Love' is a good book, so if you're in the mood for a light and yet at times, angsty romance, then this is the book for you.

"..true love overcomes all obstacles."

A copy of "Take a Chance on Love" was given in exchange for an honest review, Thanks Christi! :)

About the Author: 

Christi writes HEA fiction with settings and characters of modern Wyoming. Her heroes and heroines struggle with today’s issues. But the men and women in her writing leave a big footprint, because their personalities and their solutions to problems hark back to the iconic days of the Code of the West.


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