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Book Review: "Hope Entangles" by Alice Bello

Hope Entangles: A New Adult Romantic Comedy (Book 2 of 3)

***This is novella #2, the sequel to "Hope Breaks" ***


Hope Jones did a very, very stupid thing. She betrayed the man she was falling in love with just to keep her job, and is crippled with guilt.

But now she has a problematic new neighbor who’s more than just a pain in the ass, a new addiction to breakfast breads, and she has to try and teach a teenager how to drive.

Will she be able to do all this, get past the darkness in her past that comes calling, and still save her job… again?

4.5 Stars

"Hope Entangles" is a sweet and funny read that picks up the story line right where "Hope Breaks" ended - so yes, you have to read that one first.

"I betrayed him, Bette."
She gave me a sad little smile and then rolled her eyes. "That's what relationships are all about. You fuck up, you get mad, you get miserable, and then you make up."

We start off seeing how devastated Hope is... literally moping around her house not even bothering to shower. Thankfully, Darla, whom we meet in the first novella, calls her up and asks her for driving lessons. This makes Hope actually clean herself up and finally leave the house for the first time since... Jake.  Along with Bette, her crazy and funny neighbor/friend, she helps Darla get her driver's licence.  After a long and very much needed day out, Bette and Hope develop a friendship with Darla. 

In this novella we get introduced to a new and very sexy neighbor... Raphael. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. Raphael and Hope did not get along at first. You could see how they quickly got under each other's skin and you could definitely feel the sexual tension sizzling off the pages. 

"Well shit... here I was feeling like such a humanitarian about helping Darla learn how to drive, and I'd had a hot, sexy, male Mother Teresa living right next door!"

"You'll find, if you're lucky, that I can do many things... for hours at a time." - Raphael  

*fans self*
Throughout "Hope Entangles" questions get answered and secrets get revealed.  Of course, not everything is out in the open just yet since we still have one more novella to go. But yes, we do get a lot of answers. 

The only downer for me was that we didn't get to see a lot of Jake. Yes we had a few chapters in his PoV, but he was rather "absent" most of the time. I mean, I guess you could say he was always around, yet.... not. You'll see what I mean once you read this. But now that I think about it, I guess in a way "his absence" helped me as a reader "get to know" more Raphael and establish a connection with him. I still kind of wanted to see Jake and Hope interact more which is why towards the final pages, I was literally about to freak out!! 
And then.......... the end.
WHAAAAAT!!!!!!?????  *breathe*

So yes, you can totally bet your butts I tweeted Alice about this CLIFFHANGER!!! :)

But okay, overall, this was a great sequel. Loved the first novella and this one did not let me down. Like I said at the beginning, it's a sweet and funny read. I'm VERY much looking forward to the conclusion which I hope comes out VERY SOON.... :)

"Goodnight boys. It's been fun...."

***A copy of "Hope Entangles" was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Alice!!


"Hope Breaks" (Novella 1) has a new cover!!

Hope Breaks


Hope Jones has two problems: one is new, the other is depressingly old.

The new problem: the bestselling author the publisher she shoots romance novel covers for hates her newest batch of covers. She has until the end of the week to come up with a breathtaking shot or she’ll be replaced. And there’s a sudden model shortage; they’re out of season.

The old, depressing problem: she hasn’t had a date, sex or a relationship in over two years.

She also has one hell of a headache.

Hope finds the cures for her two problems during a search through Wal-Mart for a painkiller to kill her headache.

Turns out the aisles of the retail giant are rampant with hot young model worthy specimens. And when her trusty Ford Taurus breaks down in the parking lot, a hunky mechanic in the Tire and Lube Express department fixes more than just her car.

Seemingly her troubles are good as gone…but then her new, fabulous cover is rejected, and in a desperate moment she has to choose between keeping her job and keeping the man she’s just starting to fall in love with.

Read my review: here

"Hope Breaks" is currently FREE!!
Purchase links can be found in my review post.

Coming soon...
The third and final novella:
"Hope Rises"

About the Author:
Alice Bello 

"Let me introduce myself. I'm forty--which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I live to read and love to write. I love romance, comedy, brooding and sparkly vampires, and I love pizza. I have a dog named Jack, and I work somewhere I have to wear a blue top and brown pants (you can probably guess).

I've just written my first romance. Erotic, funny, about 35,000 words, so it's a novella, and hopefully a good one. I'm working to get it reviewed while I write the second part. I'm planning on having three 30,000 words novellas in the series.

Hope Breaks
Hope Entangles
Hope Rises

Wish me luck."


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