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Blog Tour Stop: "Giving In" by M.R. Joseph

Giving In 
(The Sandy Cover Series, #1)
Genre: Coming of Age | Contemporary Romance
Raphael Cruz doesn't do it. He just doesn't. Cruz doesn't fall in love. He's a "get in and get out" kind of guy. Ladies love him and fall all over him for his swoon worthy good looks and overwhelming sex appeal. He knows how to talk to them and tells them exactly what they want to hear. When he's done making them scream his name, he shows them straight to the door. The meaning of the word love doesn't exist in his world. But that could all change with a wink of a girl's eye... And one hot-as-hell romp in a bar bathroom.

Harlow Hannum is your typical girl-next-door. She has the brains, the beauty, and the money. What she doesn't have is the luxury of being someone's first choice in the game of love. She always comes in a distant second place, leaving her guarded with her feelings. Lies, betrayal, and secrets of her past follow her wherever she goes, no matter how hard she tries to hide them. That is until she's reunited with the one guy who can ignite the spark in her heart that's been extinguished for so long.

With sunny days, heated nights, and love lingering in the air in the beach town of Sandy Cove anything can happen. Especially when fate steps in for Harlow and Cruz. Will their blossoming friendship turn into unexpected love or will the collision of their opposing worlds be the end of what could have been?

5 Stars!

Ohmygosh….. Oh. My. Gosh. I am still reeling from that ending!!!! I NEED book two…yesterday! Such a great read!!!! M.R. Joseph managed to evoke so many different emotions from me that I decided this deserved a solid 5-star rating. Don’t wait to read this! Really, don’t! Giving In is a sexy, funny, and emotional book you should not miss out on!

“You made me feel things again. You made me feel whole.”

Opposites attract. Boy, oh boy, do they! Cruz and Harlow sure were exact opposites and yet, just what they needed. Not that they would EVER admit that out loud.

Cruz….was an asshole. Funny, but a jerk. Getting chapters in his POV allowed us to see this first hand. He was interested in living his life care-free. He wanted to enjoy things rather than fuss over them…as simple as that. When it came to the ladies he was as honest as could be. Meet ‘em, bang ‘em, and show them the door. In and out. Simple. Easy.  Sometimes not even remembering their names. Well, all except for one. That one name that haunted his memories for an entire year.

Harlow Hannum was extremely guarded with very high walls around her heart. Always using big words to ‘scare off people’. At times, she even sounded a bit stuck up. But I promise you, she had her reasons…and what reasons!!!

Spending a relaxing summer at Sandy Cove didn’t turn out to be what Cruz and Harlow expected or even imagined. Suffice it to say, they got off on the wrong foot. In fact, they pretty much hated each other. They knew what buttons to push and Cruz sure knew how to rile up Harlow. THE MACARENA!!! OMG!! I laughed so hard during that scene! I would’ve died being in Harlow’s position! *Giggles* It seemed Cruz spent a lot of his time apologizing to Harlow for everything he put her through on a daily basis. His cocky attitude + her stubborn attitude = one hell of a funny banter!

“…the more time I spend with Cruz, the more he’s, I don’t know, what word should I use to describe him…let’s call it human?”

Things started changing. Cruz and Harlow fell into a comfortable routine. They started to really see each other. They began to get used to their company, enjoying their moments together. Without realizing, Cruz and Harlow started to change each other…for the better.

“I don’t need to be that way around Cruz. I can be me. Harlow Hannum.”

As they morphed into a couple, they faced the sad reality of ‘what came after Sandy Cove’. Not only had they gone from being practically enemies to a new couple, but now they had to manage a long distance relationship. And what’s worse…some secrets were still kept between them. Secrets that were used against them. Drama!!!!! Loved it! Kept me turning the pages, that’s for sure!

As the final chapters approached, I seriously could not stop reading. My heart was pounding. I was so nervous and anxious of what might happen next. There was one scene specifically that RUINED ME. I was livid, floored, and flat out SPEECHLESS. I could not believe what was unfolding before me. And then… THAT ENDING!!!!! Holy Cliffhanger, Batman!!! I NEED BOOK TWO! Pronto!! Whoa! Now, even though it does end in quite a scene, I recommend you do not wait another minute to read this book. It’s fantastic!!!!

“Loving someone is when you make the other person a better one.”

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About the author:
MR Joseph

I'm a book enthusiast, turned author, who loves all things "Happily Ever After". 
My first book, 'Reunion' debuted in November, 2012. Meant only to be a Christmas gift to my family and closest friends, word got out, and here I am. The second in the series, 'You Belong With Me', released in March, 2013, and the final installment in the series, 'Letters to Luca', released August 2013.
Mom and wife by day, writer of contemporary romance by night, I believe in soul mates, true love, and all that mushy stuff.

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