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Blog Tour Stop + Giveaway: "Discovering Lucy" by Laura Dunaway

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Discovering Lucy
After three long years of living in a hell she never could have imagined, Lucy Jane Simmons courageously escapes to New York City for a fresh start. A new beginning... When Lucy meets Knox Taylor, the intoxicating man in the business suit, everything she thought she knew about relationships changes. He is strong, seductive and makes her feel safe. But can she open up enough to let him in? Will Lucy Jane escape the scars of her past? Can Knox give her the future she ultimately deserves? A story of rediscovery...

5 Stars

I absolutely LOVE books that capture my attention right from the get-go with their Prologues. It is a huge plus for me when reading and that is precisely what happened with Discovering Lucy. Love it, love it, love it!! This book had a little bit of everything that makes up a great romance novel. It had angst, passion, drama, sexy scenes, and even heart-breaking events. You are in for a treat with this one!

“This was my home, he was my home.”

Lucy’s past was anything but great. While her mother never abused her physically, she wasn’t going to win “Mom of the Year” in this lifetime or the next, either. To top it all off, Lucy’s boyfriend was a coward. Yes, the type of coward that hit her time and time again.  Three years into her abusive relationship, Lucy finally found the courage to leave.

She was now living in New York with her new housemate and best friend, Megan (whom I loved, by the way). She was working at the cosmetics counter in a high-end department store and it seemed as if life was good…finally. Nothing too exciting had happened and she was okay with living a low-key life. That is, until Knox Taylor walked into her life.

“When I see something I want, Lucy, I go for it.”

He was hot. Hands down, yummy…the epitome of swoon-worthy!!! He treated her like she deserved to be treated…like a princess, even though it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for Knox. You see, Lucy wasn’t exactly open to the idea of dating and falling in love after what she had been through with her scumbag ex-boyfriend. The walls around her heart were mile-high. But Knox was a patient. It was only a matter of time until Lucy gave into his wonderful charms…

“I don’t know why you have so many walls up, or why my calling you beautiful makes you uncomfortable, but I’m going to break through them, Lucy, I promise you that.”

Little by little, Lucy started to open up to Knox. She started to trust him and in turn, she allowed herself to really live again. He was just everything she needed and deserved. Knox was a true romantic, kind and gentle, but with an alpha (yummy) side. It was wonderful seeing Lucy come out of her shell, seeing her blossom with his help. Knox truly loved her and it was clear as day that he would do anything for her…even protect her from her ugly past. Because yes, as their relationship unfolded, so did the drama. But that only brought Lucy and Knox closer and made them stronger as a couple.

Towards the end, I probably had the biggest smile plastered across my face. I was blissfully happy with how Lucy and Knox’s story came full circle. Honestly, this was overall, a delightful read! Discovering Lucy is a book I truly enjoyed and would highly recommend to everyone that loves a great romance!

“I had found my forever. I had found Knox.”

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