Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We Love Sav Wednesday!!! Interview with Savannah from The Breathe Series by Rachel Brookes

As you all must know by now, we’re celebrating this entire week, the upcoming release of BREATHLESS (Breathe, #1.5) by Rachel Brookes.

In case you missed this yesterday, we shared an interview with Tate Connors for TATE TALKS TUESDAY..... BUT..... Sav was there, too!  So today, while we celebrate that BREATHLESS comes out in just SIX DAYS, we will share (re-post) SAV's bonus one-on-one short interview! <3 

1. What's your favorite thing about Tate? He tries to be this tough alpha guy but I know who he really is. He is a softy. I love his protectiveness of his family, seriously he would take a bullet for his mum, Tanzi and Ali. He has a lot of love to give, he just doesn’t realize it.

2. What's the sexiest part of a guy? Shoulders. I love a guy with big broad shoulders that I can grab on to. I don’t know if it’s because they can wrap around me and protect me or if it’s because they offer good leverage, if you know what I mean. Leverage is very important girls. 

3. What do you hope the future holds for you and Tate? All I want for Tate and I is true happiness. I love that man and I hope to have him for a very long time to come.

4. How do you deal with the hotness that surrounds you? Tate, Mr. D, Lucas? You are always around panty melting hotties! A lot of panty changes…. Ok seriously though, it pains me! Firstly you have Tate who just makes me want to rip my clothes off every time I am around him, then you have Lucas has a way with words and get make a girl swoon within seconds and then you have Mr D who has that stature and alpha about him. I can understand why Tanzi fantasizes about him but come on he is practically my Dad.

5. What do you miss most about Australia? The feeling of being close to my parents. Just being able to go to all the places we use to go but now I’m making new memories in the USA so it’s easier now. I miss the laid back attitude too. 

6. What's your favorite sexual position? Oh shit, there are so many haha. I am a girl with serious needs. My favorite at the moment is what I like to call the Savannah Straddle. He is on his back, I am straddling and controlling the pace, intensity and pressure. Ahhh seriously it gets me every time and Tate seems to enjoy it too. 

HA!!! Isn't Savannah awesome????!! We sure love her!


Here is the link for yesterday's post where you'll find the complete interview:

Also, don't forget to grab your copy of book one, JUST BREATHE, for $0.99 on AMAZON!

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Stay tuned, tomorrow we'll be Spotlighting Author Rachel Brookes and I'll be sharing my review for JUST BREATHE!!

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