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Author Spotlight!!!! D.L. Roan

D.L. Roan is one of the nicest, coolest Authors EVER and we absolutely LOVE her!!! We're SUPER excited to be Spotlighting her today here on our blog and we hope you go One-Click her VERY HOT and AMAZING books!!!

Meet D.L. Roan:

D.L. Roan

D.L. Roan lives and writes in her "beautifully wild and southern" home state of Florida with her "perfectly flawed hero" husband and two 80lb lap dogs.

Completely addicted to the written word, she's had a brood of characters residing inside her imagination for as long as she could remember. Being able to bring them to life and let them out to play has been a life's dream fulfilled.

Romance has always been her favored genre. While erotica is her favored spicy flavor, she also enjoys paranormal fantasy and has been known to stalk the work of certain historical romance writers. 

In addition to exorcising her characters' lusts, D.L. enjoys scuba diving, fishing, and sitting by a bonfire on a starry night. She loves to hear from her fans so check her out on Facebook or send her a tweet.

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Now, here are D.L. Roan's HOT HOT HOT books...

When Seconds Count Series!

Book ONE:

Second Chances (When Seconds Count, #1)

(When Seconds Count, Book 1)

Do you love Ménage Romance? You can't miss Second Chances, a full length, unforgettable, ménage love story that will leave you breathless!!

Six years after the McLendon brothers lost their wife during the birth of their twins they are merely existing. Focused only on running their ranch and raising their boys, finding another woman to share their hearts with isn't even a dot on their map.....until Claira Robbins drops into their family like a baby bird falling from its nest.

She certainly ruffles more than a few feathers. Matt and Mason believe she is the one who will heal their hearts and family. Their older brother Grey? He plans to live the rest of his life comfortably numb from the neck down, even if it kills him...and it just might if Claira's lethal past catches up to her.

Can they convince Grey to let go of the past and give love a second chance? Or will his own haunting secret destroy what is left of their family for good?

WARNING: Second Chances is a MFMM erotica menage romance and contains explicit sex scenes. Content suitable for adult readers only. Oh, and absolutely no steamy action between brothers, because that would just be awkward.

Here's a Re-Post of Bethany's Review:

4.5 - 5 Stars

I want to say, first and foremost, that the synopsis made me curious…it intrigued me, and then her disclaimer at the bottom made me giggle.  The way this book was written, I felt the feelings that were coming from the characters. I felt the blushing encounters, the embarrassed giggles and the chemistry. I felt the anger and the heartbreak, the pain and the sorrow….DL Roan did an excellent job at delivering the words in such a fashion that you could feel exactly what was going on at the time. No guessing….wonderful writing! I loved it!

We get to meet Claira as she is getting ready for her first day on the job as a first grade teacher….very nervous, and a little anxious. Right away, we find that she loves children, but we also know something is wrong….very wrong. She is running scared and is hiding from something or someone. She was very paranoid and very cautious with her surroundings.

We get to meet Grey when he first picks up his twins from class with Miss Robins. A good looking man in a three piece suit….who she immediately coins “Mr. January”. She found him drool worthy, but the look on his face made her feel he wasn’t exactly too keen on her. She certainly found his green eyes hypnotizing. He, however, the perfect example for great composure, tried very hard to hide the feelings of “protectiveness, possessiveness, pure and undiluted lust”He was questioning what he was feeling for her….feelings he hasn’t felt in years. And he wasn’t going to start now….not if he had anything to say about it!

We meet Matt and we fall in love. Yes….”we”. I promise you this, he is sexy mixed with silly, and a body to boot….so we fall in love! He lost himself in the classroom the day he picked up the twins and saw Miss Robbins….and he cracked me up. He was talking to himself-out loud, and didn’t even realize it! That is, until she started to answer his questions. “Adonis”, she named him….rather perfectly I might add. Their exchange made me smile and totally made me feel the first chance encounter embarrassment and giggles. He wasn’t shy though….oh no! He asked her out immediately.

Mason, oh so smooth and creamy… a good rich chocolate. (I might be admitting to wanting to lick him) He makes you smile! I just couldn’t get enough of him!! He made me swoon….I really fell for him hard. If there ever was the one that calmed your very nerves, that soothed your senses and made you feel secure, Mason was the man. He is also Matt’s twin brother….and Oh.My.Gosh. He is simply delicious. Yummy!!

These three men run their own ranch….. Swoon worthy, sexy, hot, schmexy….whatever you want to call them, they were sinfully delicious. Sinfully.

This story isn’t the typical love story that I like to read….I do admit that I don’t like a lot of ‘action’ in a book simply because I find that it takes away from the love story for me. By action, I mean dangerous situations…..action packed style. I found this book very engaging….it kept me interested and made me enjoy the actual ‘story’ behind everything going on. It was rolled out to where we were left guessing at how it was going to go, but we had a good grip on the situation. I really enjoyed this plot and didn’t find myself being bored or wanting to skip through some scenes. (I have never done that, for the record) I never once rolled my eyes, I never once felt like something wasn’t believable. It just….worked.

Claira is running from her past, and when her anxiety picks up as she realizes her past is catching up to her rather quickly, she freaks!! I am not one to write spoiler reviews, but I will say that the past she is running from is a very dangerous one….and she needs to get away. Her three knights in shining armor do everything they can to protect her. With lies, hurt feelings, betrayal, and some serious misunderstandings happening, this story made for a page turner for me. I couldn’t put the book down. I needed to know what was going on.

I LOVE a good, hot, steamy *true* love…..and as quick as this love story was, it was very believable. I also found it very relatable. I could find myself ‘feeling’ the raw and pure emotion that gripped these brothers and made them break out of their routines. Claire made their worlds turn upside down….it was so fun to read about a mind-numbing pull towards her! I will admit that even after I finished this story, the love that poured from the pages kept going through my mind. The ménage aspect of this book was tastefully written, and very descriptive. It wasn’t awkward by any means. I mean….three brothers? Sharing a woman? Seriously? Yep!! You don’t want to miss this one….

My favorite passage in the book:

Claira paused and then dropped her hands to her lap in defeat. “Why are you doing this? You don’t even like me.”

Grey started counting. One Mississippi. Don’t like her? She’s eating me alive from the inside out and she doesn’t think I like her” Fuck! Fuck that! Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi. I just spent the night on her porch, sitting in a chair built for a freaking doll house no less. I took out—four Mississippi—five Mississippi—breathe. I took out a knee cap on the dashboard of that fucked up, death trap she calls a car when she slammed on the brakes for some stupid, confused squirrel. Damn thing was probably trying to mate with the hamster under the hood. I haven’t showered, shaved or—six Mississippi—breathe, or had never enough coffee to make even the slightest dent in this ass kicking headache. She doesn’t think I like her? How about the hard-on pressing against my zipper? That should give her a fucking clue! Seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi! To hell with Mississippi!

(And… have to read this to understand where it goes from here!!! HOT!!!!!)

I would give this book 4.5 - 5 sinfully steamy stars!



Book TWO:

(When Seconds Counts, Book 2)

Former Operative, Grant Kendal, has spent his life hunting the shadows of evil. He can feel it changing him; twisting him into the very thing he despises. A mindless killer. 

Thalia Brezlin is a marked woman, hell-bent on revenge. She is haunted by the nightmares of her past. A past that lies in wait to destroy her. When she washes ashore Grant’s desolate island of exile, beaten, stabbed and clinging to life, their worlds collide.

Follow them across Africa, Madagascar and India into the underworld of human trafficking. Where innocence isn't lost, it’s stolen.

Passion will rage, rules will be broken, lives will be shattered and the truth will be revealed. Survival is Second Nature.

WARNING: Second Nature is a contemporary erotic romance and contains explicit sexual content, adult language and graphic violence. Recommended for the adult reader only. While Grant’s story can certainly be enjoyed on its own, the author recommends becoming better acquainted with him and his journey by experiencing his debut in Second Chances (When Seconds Count, #1)

Here's a Re-Post of Bethany's Review:

5 Stars

Yeah…I am sure that can’t even begin to explain what this book did to me. It chewed me up, spit me out and screwed me up BAD. This wasn’t my normal kind of read….just like DL Roan’s first book, Second Chances, which I absolutely loved. This book took action and passion to a whole new level. It wrecked me….it honestly, truly wrecked me. It was so powerful and nail-biting and sexy, all wrapped into one!

We first met Grant when he was helping to save Gabby/Claira in book one….I wasn’t too sure I was fond of him. I believe I am singing a whole different tune!!! After we left him in book one, he escaped the daily grind and disappeared from society onto an island in the middle of nowhere.  He needed to release his own demons and just be alone…..or so he thought. 

The premise of this book deals with some very heavy stuff (again, this is me who doesn’t read dark and action, this was very new for me). I think that it was an eye opening book for a few reasons….one being the fact that child sex trafficking and slavery is very much a BIG problem.  This was a very heavy subject for ME to read….and I will say that it scared me in the beginning, but I am glad I read through it.  I loved that it was truly a love story, but had all the action needed to make it a nail-biter and page turner. I couldn’t put this book down.

One day, Thalia washes ashore on HIS island battered, beaten and unconscious. Grant (ever the gentleman) nurtures her back to health, making sure that she is ok before he takes her back to the main island. He certainly didn’t need someone on his island…right? He, who does not enjoy the feelings most normal people have, felt the need to take care of her. He wanted to….he didn’t understand why he wanted to, but he wanted to. He needed to. Seeing this alpha side warring with the nurturing side of him made me smile…honestly smile. It was SO opposite to what we know of him…I had to shake my head. I really saw a different side right away and found myself just wanting to wrap myself up in a “Grant” of my own!

So, we started to see who Thalia was and how Grant took care of her. She was a serious badass and had no problems making sure he understood that. Thalia also didn’t trust him and she didn’t like her feelings towards him….she drinks him in as he stands there while she is waking up.

Six foot two, maybe three, broad chest, corded muscles in his arms and legs, and the deadliest amber eyes she’d ever seen. Fuck, I’m screwed. This was no tourist or zoo keeper.

Grant had to make her understand, prove to her, that she could trust him. She had some serious trust issues, given her background, and she finally had to come to terms with the understanding that he was there to help her. Through some events and happenings, she finally lets go and learns to trust him. It was a rough road for her, but the travel was well worth her time. Now….through this discovery of trust with Grant, I must say WOW!! DL Roan can write a steamy scene….and it just I may not be able to articulate how much I LOVE GRANT, but I will sure try.

Alpha…..did I already mention that?

Ok…..with all of Grant’s promising qualities, he is a real downer on himself. He doesn’t feel he deserves love and emotion. Namely: Thalia and all her pure innocence.

She was strong and beautiful, inside and out. She was perfect in ways he would never deserve.

By the time they figured each other out, the intense feelings between them needed answering. The way the love scenes were written in, the way they were described, was amazing. I loved reading it…I had a stupid smile on my face when they were together. I loved when they finally discovered they had each other to love.

Pushing up, he crawled over her body, trailing whispered kisses up her side, under and around her breasts, and along her neck until he reached her lips. “You heal my soul,” he breathed.

Grant just made me smile…he was so sexy and so protective. I know I have said this…but damn! It’s still screaming at me!!

No one had ever made her feel so much at one single moment in time. There were no words to describe the intensity that flowed from his body into hers. He had literally worshipped her with his mouth. It was too much.

When Grant finds out what Thalia’s final mission in life is….he is dead set on making sure she doesn’t do it. It’s too dangerous. His protective side wants to keep her tucked away and to take care of her. Stubborn Thalia is determined to do what she set out to do….and this is where the thick, heavy side of the story comes into view. We dive into a very dark section of the book and it is a nail biting, very scary, seriously angsty and mind blowing journey. I wanted to just sit and read…I needed to know what was going to happen!! To try to describe how Roan was able to bring out these emotions and deal with such a touchy subject tells me that she can really write. I definitely felt the emotions pouring from the pages….ok, my kindle app, but you get the picture!

Even though, from the very beginning, I knew who Thalia was, I really enjoyed watching the journey Grant and Thalia took to find out who she was, break down both of their walls and come into their own. This book really left me with a book hangover. It doesn’t happen often….but this one did. I neeeeeed the third book NOW. NOW. Hurry up DL Roan!!!

I give this book 5 sexy and truly mind blowing stars.



Seriously, go one-click her books! Not only are they PHENOMENAL, but D.L. Roan is truly a wonderful person and deserves our support. She's super cool and down to earth, and again I must say, we absolutely LOVE HER.

Human Trafficking is a serious subject that's seen in D.L. Roan's books. Here are a few links:

Hope you enjoyed our post today!!


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