Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Tour Stop + GIVEAWAY: "Self Destruct" by K.D. Carillo

(Destroy, Book 1)

Becca Scott spent years burying her traumatic past under alcohol and boys.  With the help of her best friend she struggles to accept herself and let go of the pain.  She thought she had figured out how to stop the cycle of self-destruction she was on, until she met Aiden.

Aiden Ryan lives with constant self-hatred.  He allows those close to him to manipulate his life for their own gain, because he feels he deserves it.  He was resigned to marry a woman he doesn't love, until he met Becca.

Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together, but can their pasts let go of them?

4.5 Stars!

Self Destruct is book one in the Destroy Series. Here we’re taken through Becca and Aiden’s one hell of a journey. Trust me, this book is anything but boring! The plot is full of twists, turns, and secrets!!!  I seriously did not see a lot of the twists coming, which was great because it kept me at the edge of my seat.

“I was on a path to self-destruct, but it was all I knew.”

Becca had a traumatizing past and a very bad coping mechanism. What she was doing to hide her pain, to make herself forget, was really only breaking her even more emotionally.  Until she met Aiden.

 “I’ve got you. If you fall I’ll pick you up. If you break I’ll hold you together. And if you need to cry, I’ll lend you my shoulder.” – Aiden

Now, this guy made me swoon more times that I care to admit. Aiden was sexy, protective, alpha male-like, smart, and downright dreamy. I completely understood why Becca fell in love with him! Who wouldn’t? Okay, so anyway, ever since meeting, Aiden and Becca hit it off. They got together rather quickly and their relationship developed even quicker. This is something that ALL the characters talk about during the book. It’s what worried Becca’s friends (Toni and Kate) since they feared it was another one of Becca’s coping mechanisms. But they were all wrong. Aiden and Becca might’ve had a lightning speed relationship, but their feelings were genuine and ran deep.  

“Red, I’m not going to try and fix you, but I’ll help hold you together while you fix yourself. I need you to believe me when I tell you this, I’m not going anywhere.”

They were honestly, perfect for each other. Aiden too had a past, you see. One full of regret and guilt. Enter Vanessa, Aiden’s ex-girlfriend and Aidan’s Mom -- Satan’s spawn. GRRR! I loathed them!! OMG! They were just so mean, cruel and CRAZY! Sheesh!! They definitely kept things interesting, though. That’s for sure. Also, we had Nick, Aiden’s “friend”. I really, really disliked him, but I also felt bad for him. I’m not saying what he did is excusable because it sure as hell isn’t, BUT, I don’t know…I just felt bad for him. I’m a sucker, I know.

“You have made me feel like I’m living again and not just surviving.” – Aiden

A LOT of things happened throughout the plot, and I loved them all. I really like being surprised with twists in books, so this was a really big plus for me. I was honestly hooked from beginning to end. The characters were very well developed and the dialogue flowed smoothly, naturally. My only issue with this book was that sometimes I had to go back and re-read certain sentences to completely understand what was being said. This threw me off a few times, but I enjoyed the story so much, that it never even got close to it being a deal breaker. I just thought I’d mention it. 

The ending was fantastic! Loved it!!! I was grinning like an idiot and my heart was extremely happy. I can’t wait to see where this series will take us next. If you love a hot romance with an angst-driven plot full of little twists, then this is the book for you!

“You are everything I want, and everything I need.”


About the Author:
K.D. Carillo

K. D. Carrillo is a graduate of Central Washington University, the setting of Self Destruct.  This is her second self-published title.  Fighting Destiny (Central Coven 1) was released in May 2013.