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Book Review: Perilous Promises by Christi Williams

Perilous Promises
(Hawk Point Romances #2)
Rating: Sensual Romance - Controversial

Her ex-husband wants to rescue her. Her brother wants to rescue her. Her co-workers want to help rescue her. Her daddy wants to rescue her. She can survive anything except the men who love her! 
Perris Dalton doesn't need a man. She left southwest Wyoming broken, so transformed by fighting cancer even her big hunk of a lawman couldn't make love to her. Now she's back. Her new job is to mitigate conflicts with raptors at a power plant's coal mine. There's no reason for her path to cross her ex-husband's. But when an environmental demonstration inexplicably centers in on her, Sheriff Noah Dalton steps in, confident he can win back the woman who once walked out on him.
As the demonstration spirals into personal attacks, Noah, Perris's father the sheep rancher, and her brother the college student, hatch a secret plot to protect her. In an epic contest of wills with a lone woman survivor determined to solve her own problems, and three modern Western heroes just as determined to show their love by saving her, all hell starts to break loose.

4.5 Stars! 

This is my second novel by Christi Williams and it's safe to say that her books get better and better. I absolutely LOVE the fact that they are completely realistic. HUGE PLUS for me. This allows me, as a reader,  to connect with the story lines.

"Noah loved Perri. He would always love her. But he would let her go, precisely because he loved her."

Five years ago, Perris and Noah Dalton had been married and very much in love. Then, Perris got breast cancer. Noah started seeing her as a very fragile thing. He wanted to protect her, help her, shelter her. But what he didn't count on, was losing his ability to make love to her because of all this. He had unconsciously stopped seeing her as the woman he married... the woman he desired. Unfortunately, Perris was well aware of how her husband saw her now. Heartbroken and devastated, she made one of the toughest decisions ever... she filed for divorce. Now, I must clarify for those that don't read books that cover topics like cancer. The book does not go into the details regarding her days of battling cancer or anything like that. We get all this as background information.

Well anyway, after the divorce, Perris had left town. Now, a stronger and 'new' woman, she had recently moved back for her new job at a mining company. She never expected for an environmental demonstration to spiral out of control and use her as their punching bag for their attacks. She certainly never expected Sheriff Noah Dalton to have to step in. 

You see, Benjamin Collins, leader of the environmental activists, was a TAD CRAZY and he would stop at nothing until he got his way. Even though Benjamin scared Perris, she would never let it show. Perris was very stubborn and had her mind made up -- SHE would protect herself. She sure as hell did not need Noah or anyone else for that matter, to protect her. 

"She hadn't wanted him riding in like a white knight to save her. She especially didn't want him feeling sorry for her."

Perris had left once because she hated how Noah pitied her, how he basically trampled her trying to help her. So now, having returned a stronger and even more stubborn woman, Noah was about to meet one heck of a tough challenge. How could he protect the woman he loved when she made it near damn impossible? Well, by recruiting the help of her father and younger brother. In Noah's defense, Perris left him no choice!!! It was clear as day that this Benjamin guy was dangerous, yet Perris would get angry every time Noah intervened... or tried to at least. See, Noah was up for re-election as the town's Sheriff, so he had to be super careful with everything he did. He couldn't publicly pick sides and had to be fair and neutral. So in a way, Perris made his job a tad more difficult, in my opinion. Because like I said, he was madly in love with her, but she wouldn't take his advice. She wanted to do everything on her own and sometimes, got herself in situations that warranted Noah's worry. 

"He loved her. Always had, and probably always would. The problem was, he didn't understand her. But that didn't mean he didn't want to try."

Gosh. I loved Noah. He wanted Perris back and he wasn't giving up. He tried and tried and tried. Lets just say, I would've given into Noah WAY sooner than Perris did! Hahaha!! But once she did, though...ohmygosh. Their passion bled through the pages. I never once doubted their love for each other because honestly, their chemistry was undeniable. 

"It makes me happy to see you still fighting for the life you want." His voice hushed. "I'm just sorry you thought you had to do it all alone." - Noah

Of course, getting over one of their issues didn't mean they were both ready to dive into their relationship head first. Noah still wanted to protect Perris at all costs, while she wanted nothing but to do it herself. They also still had to work through the fact that Perris' body wasn't like any other. She was still self-conscious over it, especially remembering Noah's little problem when they were married.  I truly felt bad for her. I won't pretend to understand how having one breast would feel like, because I sure as hell don't know, but the way Christi Williams carefully developed this subject, made me sympathize with Perris. It made me want even more for her and Noah to work things out and finally get their well deserved happy ending.  And they did. :) They sure did.

I look forward to reading more from this author. I've come to realize that I love reading Western romances and Christi Williams' books have a uniqueness that I truly like -- they are realistic yet an enjoyable escape.   
I recommend this book!

"There's always been the two of us, no matter where we were physically. We're eternal, Perri." - Noah

*** A copy of Perilous Promises was provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, Christi!

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About the Author:
Christi Williams

Christi writes HEA fiction with settings and characters of modern Wyoming. Her heroes and heroines struggle with today’s issues. But the men and women in her writing leave a big footprint, because their personalities and their solutions to problems hark back to the iconic days of the Code of the West.

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