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Book Review: Mr. Write Trilogy by Cassandra P. Lewis

Meeting Mr. Write (Mr. Write Trilogy, #1)

(Book 1, Mr. Write Trilogy)

Rosetta Alvez is a romance novelist….The problem is she’s a little short on romance of late.

Ten months ago, Rosie was dumped in spectacular fashion when she turned up to her own wedding minus a groom. A bad case of writer’s block leaves Rosie heartbroken and humiliated with her publishers bearing down on her and she has to get out. She’s needs inspiration and decides to look for it on the other side of the world.

With best friend Pippa in tow, Rosie sets off for three weeks in Thailand in search of sunshine, relaxation and inspiration. But she gets more than she bargained for when she runs into the arrogant Jackson James, a travel writer with a lust for life and beautiful women.

The perpetual bachelor, JJ refuses to get close enough to anyone to fall for them, but Rosie has him hooked from day one. He fights an internal battle daily between the growing feelings for the beautiful red head and his decision to never settle down.

Will Rosie ever find the inspiration that she’s looking for? 
Will she get her man?
Only time will tell which side of Jackson will win.



This is a really good book!! 

Being a hopeless romantic, I had no trouble at all getting lost in this story! 

I enjoyed the plot very much and definitely loved the characters. 

Jackson James: the term 'man whore' comes to mind.. Especially after having him say:

 " bigger picture is that there are a lot of places to see and a lot of women to sleep with". 


Thankfully, throughout the book, he definitely becomes very swoon-worthy so I guess I pretty much forgave his whorish ways and added him to my long list of book boyfriends. 

Rosie Alvez: getting dumped on her wedding day?? I mean, common Michael!! You prick!!! This girl has in a sense, shut down.. And can you blame her? Having your fiancé criticize your every move constantly and then leave you on the day that's supposed to be magical? Damn. Rosetta is truly a strong woman, hurt obviously but strong nonetheless, very witty, a bit sarcastic and quite funny. 

Pippa: I love Pippa!!!! She's Rosie's very open minded best friend. Funny as hell!!! She does NOT beat around the bush, nope.. she gets down to the point and speaks her mind. Love her! 

Rafe: A wonderful, protective, and sexy big brother. Knows Rosie like he knows the palm of his hand. And then we have Mathew, Rafe's boyfriend. He's very hot!! And a total romantic! Love these two! Such a beautiful couple. 

Something I really enjoyed about this book was the relationship between these characters. Rosie and Pippa have the "we're not just best friends, but sisters" type of relationship going on and the way the author describes their interactions is very realistic and natural. There's also Rosie and Rafe. They're not just siblings but best friends.. I mean, Rosie is a very lucky girl to have these two in her life. 

All the characters are very funny, natural, down to earth and are very easy to relate to.

The way this book was written is a plus for me. The scenes and places are very well described which allows the reader to picture things clearly and feel a connection not just with the story but with the characters as well. 

Something in the story line that intrigued me was how Rosie and James' characters always connected.. even before they met. I found that aspect of the book to be very well written. Yet another plus.

Finally, I have to mention the sex scenes!! My oh my.. Can you say... steamy!!??? Cause they sure were! Pure hotness. Props to the author!

Overall this was a really good book. I definitely recommend it.!!! 

Product Details

Me and Mr. Write 
(Book 2, Mr. Write Trilogy)

After a whirlwind romance, Rosie & Jackson are finding their feet...

the question is, where will their feet take them?



I freaking LOVED this sequel! 

It had romance, passion, angst, delicious sex scenes, and even moments where I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall!!! 

And holy crap.. That ending!!!!??? a true " WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????" moment!


This is a definite must read!!! 

The characters were even more amazing. They developed perfectly through out the story line. 
There were secrets revealed from Rosie's past, and if I thought she was a strong person before, hell.. She impressed me even more after reading this book. Wow. 

Jackson was very swoony.. a true romantic. He's very protective of Rosie and very alpha-male-like... Simply yummy!!! BUT..... I have to say, every time I felt like throwing my Kindle against the wall, it was thanks to him!!! There were moments I found myself hating his guts!!!

This book had a lot of page-turning scenes where I simply, for the life of me, could not stop reading! 

I really need the third book! 

Dying to know how Jackson and Rosie's story ends!!!!!

Book 3 in the Mr. Write Trilogy is expected to be released very soon.. the moment I know more about it, I'll post it ASAP.

About the author:
Cassandra P. Lewis

I first "met" Cassandra through FB, where she very kindly asked me to review her books. After reading the synopsis for her first book, "Meeting Mr. Write", I was stoked! It was just my type of book! So of course,  I gladly accepted. 

For this post, I asked her to write a little about herself so that ya'll could get to know just how amazing she is.. here's what she sent me:

"I'm 29 in June and I live in Derbyshire, England with my fiancé and dog (or first born!) 
I've been writing poetry for as long as I can remember and wanted to be a journalist in my teens but put off writing for singing.

 I only started writing again last year as a way to 1, escape the pain of my Dad's cancer and 1, make him proud. I read more than I should and write when I'm supposed to be working x"


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