Monday, February 3, 2014

Blogger Spotlight Giveaway!!

There are a ton of book blogs out there, but we are spotlighting a few that might be flying under the radar.  The giveaway is at the bottom of this post, but please take a few minutes to check out these blogs. You'll find an array of reviews from tons of different bloggers! Thanks for visiting our pages!!

Reviews from Erica, Ashley, and Tessa! They are three country girls who love to read and always have their minds in the gutter. Between the three of them, they cover all book genres.  They love to chat with other readers on twitter. When they aren't reading, they are probably somewhere rocking out to country music!

Katie writes awesome reviews on her blog, Group Therapy Book Club. She is very active on her Facebook blog page and has giveaways there regularly. She's a bundle of energy and a ton of fun to follow!

There are tons of reviewers over at SMI Book Club, but Juewelz is the Boss Lady! This is the story of their blog: A group of women became friends due to their obsession with the “Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.” Eventually 5-7 book lovers turned into now over 1700 as of  May, 2013. SMIBookClub host monthly book discussions, weekly TV show discussions and is an outlet for those that are obsessed with books.

Biblio Belles are a team of eight book obsessed ladies. Stacy, Adriana, Ava, Bianca, Brianna, Brittany, Derna, & Kat all joined forces recently to create the gorgeous blog, Biblio Belles. They are all wonderful ladies and review a lot of books of diverse genres!  

You're not going to find a more enthusiastic blogger around than Ly over at HEA Bookshelf. She is a pro at reviewing books and promoting authors. She just recently started doing book tours, PR, and more! She also has two other reviewers, Bethany & Jodie. You should definitely check out their blog!


Jessica over at Lovin' Los Libros has been blogging for awhile now. Her site is really impressive and she writes wonderful reviews. She's a ton of fun to chat with on twitter. She has been an avid reader for awhile but has recently been swept up into the NA world. She mainly reads NA, Adult, and Mature YA, but you might find her with a classic every once in awhile!

 Need a good laugh? Follow Globug & Hootie! They are SO much fun.  Globug started the blog by herself; however, when she met Hootie it was love at first sight, so now they do this blogging thing together. Here's their goal:  Our goal in this blogging endeavor is to bring you hilarious and fun book reviews, giveaways and up to date Author and Book information available.
Mommy Reads What?!
Jenna just started blogging. Her blog is Mommy Reads What?! How cute is that? She loves the books with the bad boys. Preferably with tattoos. She has been a reader for a long, long time and likes spreading the word about good books!


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