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Blog Tour Stop + Giveaway! "Life's A Capella" by Yessi Smith

Life's A Capella
(A Capella #1)
I want to tell you how great my life was. How I lived without regrets. With constant laughter. Without any tears. I want to tell you how I lived each moment to the fullest. How each breath I took was fresh and full of life. With eagerness. Without any fear.
I want to tell you all of that, but then my story would be masked with lies and not worth telling.

My life didn’t start until I left my past. And I left everything. My mother, my friends, my name.

My new name, the name everyone knows me by is Erin Lewis.
Four years after finding the courage to leave her hometown in Alabama, Erin is finally happy with where her life has led her. Not only is she secure in her environment, but the relationships she has formed center her, making her forget how damaged she once was. Before she can fully settle into her new life, her past crashes into her present, unraveling a set of events that destroy the very foundation she has built her new life on.

5 Stars!

An emotional, heart-breaking, and truly profound story! Life’s A Capella was more than just another book to me…it was an experience. I felt as if I had lived every single event right alongside Erin. Truly fantastic!

Since this is a book you have to read to fully grasp its amazingness, I will discuss it in general but not go into any of the details. I don’t want to ruin it for you. Safe to say, I devoured it and could not put it down!

“I learned at a very young age that home was not a place I wanted to be.”

Erin had created a life for herself in Miami. She had a new name and new friends. She was almost done with her nursing degree and everything was finally great…she was finally happy. She was away from everything and everyone in her gut-wrenching, horrible past.

One weekend of fun with her friends at Key West, changed her life. She met the guy that would show her what it meant to open your heart to another person…. She met, Trent. He was funny, smart, hot, talented, and simply, perfect. Their relationship turned into one of the best things in Erin’s life. Even though she had a hard time opening up and expressing her feelings, as reader, I could just tell she was truly and madly in love with Trent. Everything was even more perfect now for Erin.

Until it happened.

Erin’s past was no longer in the past. Surprise number one. My already aching heart, broke. I had theories of who that ‘other character’ could be, but nope!!! I was faaaaaaaaar from being right. And then…. BAM! Surprise number two. I’ve never felt the rug get pulled out from under me this way…. To say I was FLOORED would be an understatement. There had been a few scenes where I’d gotten teary, but now?? I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Sigh.

“This time, not even music could ease the pain so interwoven throughout my body it was becoming a part of it.”

Life had once again proven to Erin that it would keep making her fall. How many times could she get up and keep going before fully breaking? I thought Erin would surely give up after that millionth blow, but no. She proved that she was one hell of a strong woman. However, just as she was strong, she was also stubborn. Unfortunately, her relationship with Trent suffered.

“I stared into his eyes, pleasing with him to take me as I was. Broken.”

In a way, it needed to happen. She needed to face the new changes in her life and come to terms with them before being able to share her life with someone else. I loved seeing her get stronger and stronger.

Once Erin and Trent got back together, I was beyond cloud nine. I was in love with how much they loved and supported each other. It felt amazing seeing how their relationship was stronger this time around. Trent became a part of Erin’s ‘new life’ in every way possible. Swoon. That guy melted my heart.

“I found Trent; the only one who knew the song of my heart.”

The secondary characters were remarkable!!! Nate, Shayna, and Camilla were my favorites; especially Camilla, Erin’s best friend. She was sarcastic, witty, and hilarious! I absolutely adored her. Her conversations with Erin literally made me laugh out loud. They were so natural and real. They had the type of friendship that I have with my best friends in real life. LOVED IT.

“What do you mean you lost your car?” I asked cautiously. Camilla didn’t like driving or anything having to do with vehicles.
“I lost my fucking car,” she sighed heavily. A bit of an exaggerated sigh so that I could fully appreciate her situation. I stifled a laugh and asked, “Like, the whole thing?”
“Yes, the whole damn thing!”

OMG! Camilla’s nickname for Trent??? LMFAO!!! So damn funny!!!! Seriously, the humor throughout the plot was a welcomed breath of fresh air. It balanced off the book perfectly. I also really loved how music played such a key role in the story line. Erin lived for it...

Life’s A Capella is a heart-felt story about second chances in life and love that you must read! Really, go buy this book. I cried, swooned, and laughed. Yes. All three. And that ending!!??? Happy tears!!!! Wonderful ending!!! Congrats Yessi Smith on such an extraordinary debut!! Five stars!!!! I am very much looking forward to the next installment!!

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A Capella Series

Our A Capella
(A Capella #1.5)

Five months after their wedding, Trent struggles with the strain of juggling work and family life as Erin furthers her education, getting a Master's degree in Nursing. All Trent wants is one weekend alone with his wife to reconnect but Erin's focus is adamantly elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Nate, Erin's oldest friend and brother, has formed an undeniable bond with Tonya that he is reluctant to pursue because of his own inner demons.
Will love be enough?

Release Date: February 7th, 2014

About the author:
Yessi Smith

I’m a Hispanic living in South Florida with my redneck husband from Texas and our “half breed” son, who is actually the reason I started writing again after years of celibacy. My son loves stories, but not the kind you can read in an existing book. No, he’d rather make up a story, complete with our own illustrations. So, thank you, Son, for igniting a flame I had let go out.

I also live with two dogs: a neurotic Border Collie we call Nitro and a midget Rottweiler named Nisa.
I have always found my sanctuary at the beach and in music and writing. I wish I could write rhymes so I could become a famous rapper, but rhyming is completely lost on me.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I have held several jobs, from picking up dog crap to upper management positions. And now I am hoping to leave the business world behind so I can live full time in a world that does not exist until I place my fingers on.

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