Monday, July 29, 2013

Release Day Launch + Review + Giveaway!: "Escaping Me" by Elizabeth Lee

Happy Release Day to Elizabeth Lee!!!

Escaping Me is LIVE!!!!!!


All she wanted to do was forget. Forget the memory of walking in on her boyfriend in the middle of, well, another girl. Forget how she had her entire life planned out. And, forget about being perfect all the time. Unfortunately, she was Whitney Vandaveer and despite the fact that she moved to the middle of nowhere—she couldn't.

He always knew he would never be more than nothing. No job, no money, no future. Cole Pritchett had accepted the fact that he would always be the screw up and he was okay with it. Until he met her.

Here's the thing they quickly found out—sometimes we all need a little help escaping who we think we are.

4.5 Stars 

"The girl you saw tonight is the girl I've been trying to escape."

19 year old Whitney has become the type of girl that does as she's told and acts as she's expected to act. After coming face to face with the reality that her snotty boyfriend, Wesley, was indeed cheating on her, Whit leaves the city and heads for her mother's house in the country. Spending the summer with her mom and younger sister, Mallory, was the best decision she's ever made. There she meets a guy that didn't think much of himself.  A guy escaping his own set of problems. A guy named Cole Pritchett. A guy I completely fell in love with!!!! Just saying...

Once Cole met Whitney, he knew he was in trouble so he tried very hard to keep her at bay. It's safe to say they got off on the wrong foot. But thank goodness Whitney is a stubborn girl and didn't give up!!! As they spend more and more time together, Whitney slowly starts to come out of her shell... starts to live.

"I want so much more from him than just a summer fling. When I feel him press a kiss on the top of my head, it seals the deal. I am falling head over heals in love with this guy."

I promise you'll LOVE Cole!!!!! 
He was just amazing with Whit!! They had an incredible chemistry that allowed them to be themselves around each other, allowed them to be free. Their conversations, their banter (super funny by the way), their steamy scenes... everything was just perfect. 

"I'd never lie to you or hurt you. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you, Whitney."

"...I'm probably not good enough for her, but I'd spend every second with her trying to prove that I am."

Both Cole and Whitney had wonderful exes, *ahem* so expect drama in this book... which is always a plus for me. The secondary characters - Mallory and Zeke? Fun and funny!! Whitney and Mallory's mom?! Amazing! She had such a great lifestyle, attitude, and always stood by her daughters. 

Towards the ending, I panicked for a while but then everything seemed to fall into a happy place. Though I have to admit, the literal ending left me wanting more. 

 I had a very hard time putting "Escaping Me" down. Loved Cole, loved Whitney, loved the secondary characters, and finally, I LOVED the story line! 
I recommend this book.

"I love you so much that it scares me."



About the Author:
Elizabeth Lee 

When I'm not writing or playing the part of wife and mother, you can find me dancing back-up for Beyonce, singing back-up for Miranda, or sunning myself on the beach with a drink in hand.  Here's the thing about being born and raised in a small town—you have a very vivid imagination!  Now, I channel it all to create stories where the girl always ends up with the right guy, first kisses are magical, and a happy ending is just that!


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