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Blog Tour Stop + Giveaway: "Stormy Surrender" by Nicole Andrews Moore

Stormy Surrender (New Hope, #1)

(New Hope, Book 1)

Sometimes the life you planned isn’t the one you get to live. Sometimes the pain of the past overshadows the future. And sometimes to start over you have to go back to where it all began. That’s how it was for Joe Masters. That’s how he ended up back in New Hope. And that’s why he was in his thirties and had nothing to show for his life. He needed a complete overhaul, just like his father’s old house. Instead of a fast track, he had slowed down and was on a ten year plan. These days that was more his speed. And as much as he tried to fight the inevitable, he was learning to accept and surrender.

Martha had weathered her fair share of storms in Vermont, was accustomed to the cold, both the chill in the air and the cold shoulder in her marriage, but after the miscarriage she felt like she would never get warm again. So she did the research from the laptop while sitting in front of the fireplace. She knew what she needed when she Googled ‘hope,’ she just never imagined that it would bring her to New Hope, South Carolina. She never imagined that her husband would trick her into leaving and never follow. She never imagined that a southern storm with all its force and fury could be so destructive. But after the storm, the land is washed clean. It’s perfect for a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new love

5 Stars  

I honestly fell in love with this book!! 
It was an emotional read that had me desperately wanting for Martha (Marti) to get her second chance in life.

 At around 9%, I realized I'd been reading all that time with my mouth literally opened. SHOCKED and utterly disgusted with the level of cruelness in Blaine, Martha's husband!! What a prick!! Seriously! And don't even get me started on my level of hatred towards the home-wrecker he was sleeping with!!!!!! Such a bastard! Ugh, anyway.. as the synopsis states, Martha leaves Vermont and heads for a fresh start in New Hope, South Carolina.

"Home. This could be home, if only she would surrender."

Emotionally broken, she sticks to her plan of establishing herself in this new town...checking things off her list one by one. Enter Joe (Joey). Hot contractor with a ladies man reputation. Talk about getting off on the wrong foot. These two did not get along very well yet, you could totally tell there was a definite attraction. But of course, it's not like any of them would admit it openly... for the time being. :)

"For her. He was doing all of this for her. He didn't have a reason to care, but clearly he did." 

Martha soon learned that the piece of crap she had for a husband, was filling for divorce. LUCKY GIRL! But of course, being the scum that he is, he made things a bit complicated for her.

But, life doesn't suck that much for Martha because things started to get real interesting between  her and Joe. He was everything Blaine wasn't and more. So romantic and just perfect!! He definitely had me swooning in the best freaking way possible! But yes.. sadly, he had his own emotional scars that stirred things up. One word: Finn *cough* bitch *cough* 

"...this man had a big heart. And he was showing her, even if he didn't recognize it yet, that she had a place in it."

"Just as surely as you and the crew are fixing this place, you are rebuilding me, too."

"Stormy Surrender" had a refreshing story line with a normal/real pace.  I loved that! It didn't feel rushed at all! Everything just seemed to happen when it was supposed to happen - like it would in real life.  Two thumbs up!!
And now, the ending --> cliffhanger alert !!! *sigh* It seriously left me feeling quite angsty. I really can't wait to read book 2!!!! I need it!

This is a must read!

"This is how love was supposed to feel."

New Hope Series

Tempest Torn (New Hope, #2)

(New Hope, Book 2)

A night of passion. A raging fire. A home destroyed.

The sun returned and Joey and Marti felt they had turned a corner in their relationship. Only when they turned that corner, they ran right into the insurance adjustor, Finn. She wasn't just any woman, though. She was the one woman Joey always believed he’d spend the rest of his life with, but they couldn’t make it work. Soon it was obvious that she didn’t just want to adjust the value of the house, but remind Joey of the value of their relationship, and adjust his attitude about the future.

Suddenly, Joey struggles to choose between two women…one who has never and would never hurt him and one that his heart can’t let go despite the hurt. He’s not the only one with a choice to make. Never again will Marti allow anyone to make her question her own worth. 

A tempest brewed. A man is torn. A woman refuses to wait

This book was expected to be released in July, but due to personal reasons, the author had to push it back. Even though there is not a new official date set, the book might be out around late August.

About the Author:
Nicole Andrews Moore 

Nicole Andrews Moore

Nicole lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, a teenage son and daughter, and Kenna. Every day is new and sparkly...which is why she chronicles them on her blog, Suddenly *Not So* Single Journey. It is a way for her to spread her brand of hope, happiness, and love.
Previously, Nicole has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers. In 2010, she joined the Yahoo! Mother Board, became a Shine Parenting Guru, and has become an award winning dating and relationships expert for Shine.

After a few bad sailing experiences, the Moores decided they were safer on land. Their boating adventures will be limited to cruise ships. And those cruises are centered around their travel goal of visiting ever Margaritaville. Two down, eleven to go!




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