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Author: Anne Jolin
Series: Willow Bay Stables #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance & Sports Equestrian Romance
London Daniels is returning home to Willow Bay, Alberta, on the heels of a televised loss. She blew her shot at the Summer Olympics and cost Canada the gold medal in dressage. 

During her years of training abroad, her family's stable has fallen on hard times, and thus, they’ve accepted an offer to board the racehorses of Branson Tucker, the infamous tycoon, for the winter.

London lacks conviction after her ill-fated fall. And as if returning to her hometown to watch her epic failure replay on everyone's big screen isn't torture enough, she’s expected to cater to a man with an ego bigger than her hundred-acre farm just to earn a dime.

Is London saddling up for another ride that will leave both her heart and her ass in the dirt? Or could the handsome, unwanted guest at Willow Bay Stables be her second chance to go for gold?


~ 4 STARS ~

CHANGE REIN is definitely a book you should pick up if you’re a fan of sweet romances. It will certainly make your heart swoon!

“We all have scars, angel. Wear yours proudly. They were not earned lightly, and as such, they are nothing to be ashamed of.”

Branson was protective, swoon-worthy, alpha, determined, and quite frankly, yummy. Once he set his sights on something, he had to get it. And that’s exactly what happened from the moment he laid eyes on London Daniels. He had to have her, and soon enough, life would make that happen…

“I’m not here to mess around.
I’m here to make her mine.”

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Anne Jolin’s books, it’s her female characters. She always manages to make me laugh while reading their interactions and dialogues. Their personalities are ones I tend to easily connect with, and London was no different. She was sassy, witty, sarcastic, and down to earth. I could totally relate to her. Her remarks had me giggling more often than not and wishing I was friends with her in real life.

Branson and London instantly fall for each other. Branson pursues her and London, being smart and all, LOL, doesn’t think twice about giving in. Overall, the storyline ran smoothly without a lot of bumps on the road for these two. There was one scene towards the end, however, that I could not read fast enough. Once you read this book, you’ll know which one I’m talking about.

All in all, CHANGE REIN was a good book that I’d recommend to any and all hopeless romantics. Four Stars!

“You’re everything, London.”

~4 Stars~
This was my first Anne Jolin book.....and this was a fun, easy read. I always love hearing a new authors voice in a book, and this book screamed Anne!! I have only chatted with Anne online and she is a beacon of positivity. I love it! I also particularly enjoy finding out the meaning of a title, and we learned this one right away in chapter one, but it set the easy tone for the entire book.

This book and her characters were no different than Anne herself. Her story moved along, quite quickly, but it moved along steadily. I really liked Branson. He was pretty much determined and decided on how life was going to go....with London involved. She just didn't know it yet. He was very positive on how he saw their life playing out and he wasn't going to accept any other way. Period.

~London Daniels. Not for long, little lady. I am going to make her my wife someday. I know it. 'Bout time she does too.~

While the book was a very quick read, it moved along swiftly. We have a slightly stubborn heroine to counteract the slightly pushy and determined Hero.  It's reminiscent of your first love. The one you fall fast and hard for...the one your heart is all in for, immediately.

~Whatever hearts are made of, ours are meant to walk hand in hand with ease.~ 

Her sister, Aurora, is a FUN one and I would love to see her book and her brother, Owen's book. Anne has a whole series in this family and you will smile the whole way through. This was one of those books that you can read after a heavy disturbing read and you will be able to calm yourself. It was light, happy and airy and it makes you smile. It had a little naiveté and believability with wishful thinking. An easy escape.
*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review*

If It Ain’t Too Much To Ask – Jackson Young

Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

My Heart Skips a Beat – Dwight Yoakam

Angels Fall Sometimes – Josh Turner

Love on Me – Brent Cobb

Ride (feat. Macy Maloy) – Chase Rice

Cowboys and Angels – Dustin Lynch

A Soft Place to Fall – Allison Moorer

Sober Me Up – Frankie Ballard

How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls – George Straight

Real Good Man – Tim McGraw

Why God Made Love Songs – Joel Crouse

On to Something Good – Ashley Monroe

Kiss by Kiss – Brett Young

Smoke – A Thousand Horses

Georgia Rain – Trisha Yearwood

Cowgirl – Tyler Farr

Shut Me Up – Old Dominion

Little Bitty Dreams – Will Hoge

She’s Got This Thing About Her – Chris Young

Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis

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Hey y’all, 
I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns, and driving in trucks. 

I never expected to be an author. A massage therapist? Yes. Take over the family construction company? Yes. But an author? No. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion. 

Since I’ve always been a creative person, it feels amazing to harness all of that energy and use it to tell a story I love. I enjoy incorporating bits of my real life into the stories I write. What parts are true? Hah. I’ll never tell—what would be the fun in that? 

If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t. 

Mad love, 
Anne Jolin 

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