Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: "No Regrets" by Heather Allen

Author: Heather Allen
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Greylan Pace has been a fighter his entire life…

He’s worked hard to get to the top as a mixed martial arts fighter, and finally his time in the spotlight has come. Everything he’s ever wanted is at his fingertips.

Then, one event changed his life forever…
Now Greylan finds himself back on top, going to battle in the biggest fight of his life. But he soon learns that what he’s strived for means nothing in comparison to his fight to keep his sister, his best friend Christina, and Mollie Andrews, the girl he can’t stop thinking about.

He fights with everything he’s got to keep his focus on his goal, but for the first time ever, he’s afraid he might lose.

4 Stars

Suspenseful and intriguing. No Regrets was definitely a book that kept me on my toes wondering A LOT of things, asking myself A LOT of questions.

“My dream just came true. Is it possible that I won and lost it all within the same night?”

The prologue started with Greylan Pace or Grey, as his friends and family called him, winning a fight that put him on the fast lane to success. With that win, he had gotten everything he’d worked so hard for, everything he’d dreamed of his entire life. On his way out that night, he happened to meet a woman….Red, as he nicknamed her. Upon seeing her, he felt a strong attraction towards her that was beyond anything he could explain. He couldn’t understand how she had taken permanent residency in his mind. Especially when she was his friend’s girl…… Or was she? That same night he seemed to have it all, he also seemed to have lost it. It was the night the incident occurred.

Five years later, chapter one begun. I found this to be very symbolic since Grey, too, was starting up again from the very beginning….all the way back to chapter one. Five years was a long time though, and things were definitely different now. For starters, his sister was living with the now MMA champion – a title that once belonged to Greylan himself.

Grey started things off by getting a job. He needed to get back on his feet and fast, so he started working at a bar. A bar where he met his new best friend, Christina. I absolutely LOVED her. She was a strong character, witty, down to earth, honest, and an all-round good person just like Greylan. I actually rooted for them to take things to the next level! I wanted them together…badly! Unfortunately, despite their friends with benefits relationship, they decided to take the benefits part out of the equation. Christina was still hung up on her ex-boyfriend and Grey had his mind still firmly wrapped around the idea of Red.

Red….Mollie Andrews.

She was an ever loving mystery throughout the book…that’s for sure. A lot of things didn’t make sense, I kept asking myself a lot of questions like: “Why did they do that?” or “Why did they say that?” or the most frequent one: “What the hell is going on!?” Now mind you, it all has a purpose, I assure you. This book was basically focused on Gey getting his life back on track, but everything around him is one big mystery…until the very end when it all comes to light. That plot twist definitely answered A LOT of my questions, but also left me heavily wondering how it will all go down in book two! Grey’s fight is far from over, to say the least!

“…no regrets.”


Heather Allen

Heather is a Florida girl! Her life revolves around the two W’s- water and words! She grew up in south Florida and now lives in Melbourne, Florida with her husband and three kids, just minutes from the ocean. 

She has been an avid reader of just about every genre her entire life. Her writing career began a short few years ago when she decided to listen to the voices in her head and put them to paper and the words began to flow… 

Heather loves to ride her bike and just be outside! When she isn’t writing Heather can be found at the beach or out on the water boating.

Heather Allen is the author of seven novels, some that are self-published and some through Limitless Publishing. 

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