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Audio Book Review: "In Too Deep" by Brandy L. Rivers

Author: Brandy L. Rivers
Series: Others of Edenton, #1
10 hours 39 minutes

Brody is a talented motorcycle mechanic and werewolf stuck in his painful past. On yet another depressing night, he is viciously attacked by vampires.

Fallon is a brilliant tattoo artist with inherent magic. Tired of men and their games, she climbs onto her Harley and leaves her old life behind.

Running for his life, Brody crashes into Fallon and sparks fly. She ends up stranded in the Northwest with her ride out of commission.

Stranded with no ride and nowhere to go, Fallon allows her best friend to convince her to stay in Brody’s apartment. He’s determined to claim her heart and keep her safe from the shadows in her past. Fallon prides herself on her independence and would rather keep him safe, even from herself.

With the impending danger from the group of vampires and dark mages, they will have to work together. The closer they get, the harder it is for her to fight her attraction.

Be prepared for monsters, magic and lots of ink.

~ 5 STARS ~ 

Action-packed and hot! I absolutely LOVED In Too Deep!! I first read it when it came out and now, listening to the audio book made it even better! The story came to life! The narrator did an amazing job with all the different voices and the emotions portrayed throughout the storyline. Truly fantastic! A 5-Star book for me!

Fallon, the heroine in this book, was a badass chick! She was strong, confident, and yet, not overly stubborn. Never once did she make me roll my eyes or did she get on my nerves. Fallon was honest, realistic, and down to earth. I think the author did a phenomenal job while developing her character. A big turn-off for me in books is whiny and weak heroines. I guess I just love strong female characters that kick ass and take names…characters like Fallon.

Brody….oh, Brody. He sure was a yummy, hunk of a man! I was so enamored with his protectiveness over Fallon. He LOVED her. Truly and deeply. My goodness, his alpha side was incredibly HOT as well. His character made me swoon so-many-times, it was just…sigh. AMAZING. Brody and Fallon were a perfect match. They completed each other and I loved how much they loved one another.

The paranormal side of this book was phenomenal. It kept the storyline full of action, suspense, and drama. Everything just worked. It all clicked into place and made the plot anything but boring. The powers each character had and their roles in the story were all perfectly described. I never once got lost or confused with the details. I honestly don’t think I have any complaints about this book. So really, I HIGHLY recommend this book!! FIVE AMAZING STARS!

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$7.99 ~ Includes: New Beginnings, In Too Deep, Shadows Fall, and Shadows of the Past

~ Brandy L Rivers ~

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