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Blog Tour: "Mr. Write Trilogy" by Cassandra P. Lewis

MR WRITE Trilogy: 
Meeting Mr Write | Me & Mr Write | Marrying Mr Write
Author: Cassandra P. Lewis
Series Genre: Contemporary Romance

I first read these books almost two years ago when the author approached upon publishing them. Cassandra P Lewis was actually the VERY FIRST author to EVER ask me for a review! In fact, it was after I reviewed this series that I decided to start the blog. Well anyway, here’s a re-post of my reviews. I still firmly stand behind them, even though the books got re-released through Limitless Publishing.

As a series, I’m rating Mr. Write Trilogy 4.5 stars overall.
Each book is reviewed individually.

Series: Mr Write Trilogy, Book #1
Rosie Alvez is a romance writer with writers block…
Well she has just been dumped…On her wedding day!

Jackson James is a travel writer, and the perpetual bachelor…

He has absolutely no intention of ever settling down. Why would he? He’s living the life he’s always dreamed of. A different beautiful woman in his bed each night, a different incredible destination each week, he didn’t even realise there was anything missing.

Until he met Rosie…

After a chance meeting, Jackson sets his sights on Rosie, much to her annoyance. She might be attracted to him, but can’t stand him!

While the two search for inspiration in Thailand, a romance blossoms, but it’s a rocky road. Rosie needs to be loved, but struggles to trust it. Jackson wants to give in, but is terrified of his strong feelings for the fiery redhead.

~ 4.5 STARS ~
This is a really good book!! Being a hopeless romantic myself, I had no trouble at all getting lost in this story! I enjoyed the plot very much and definitely loved the characters. 

Jackson James: the term 'man whore' comes to mind, especially after having him say:

 "…my bigger picture is that there are a lot of places to see and a lot of women to sleep with."

Thankfully, throughout the book, he definitely becomes very swoon-worthy, so I guess I pretty much forgave his whorish ways and added him to my long list of book boyfriends. 

Rosie Alvez: getting dumped on her wedding day?? I mean, common Michael!! You prick!!! This girl has in a sense, shut down…and can you blame her? Having your fiancé criticize your every move constantly and then leave you on the day that's supposed to be magical? Damn. Rosetta is truly a strong woman, hurt obviously, but strong nonetheless. She’s very witty, a bit sarcastic and quite funny. 

Pippa: I love Pippa!!!! She's Rosie's very open-minded best friend. Funny as hell!!! She does NOT beat around the bush, nope, she gets down to the point and speaks her mind. Love her! 

Rafe: A wonderful, protective, and sexy big brother. He knows Rosie like he knows the palm of his hand. And then we have Mathew, Rafe's boyfriend. He's very hot and a total romantic! Love these two! Such a beautiful couple. 

Something I really enjoyed about this book was the relationship between all these characters. Rosie and Pippa have the "we're not just best friends, but sisters" type of relationship going on and the way the author describes their interactions was very realistic and natural. There's also Rosie and Rafe. They're not just siblings but best friends. I mean, Rosie is a very lucky girl to have these two in her life. 

All the characters were very funny, natural, down to earth, and are very easy to relate to.

The way this book was written was a plus for me. The scenes and places were very well described which allowed me as the reader to picture things clearly and feel a connection not just with the story but with the characters as well. 

Something in the story line that intrigued me was how Rosie and James' characters always connected…..even before they met. I found that aspect of the book to be very interesting and well developed. Yet another plus.

Finally, I have to mention the sex scenes!! My, oh my. Can you say... steamy!!??? Cause they sure were! Pure hotness. Props to the author!

Overall this was a really good book. I definitely recommend it!!! 

Series: Mr Write Trilogy, Book #2
After a whirlwind romance, Rosie & Jackson are in love, engaged and ready to create a life together…

Or are they?

Rosie still has some trust issues and now Jackson has to return to Thailand. This doesn’t help her insecurities, but she’s willing to fight her own demons for the sake of their relationship.

Jackson has some of his own fighting to do, however, when he’s faced with an old flame, who has set her sights firmly on rekindling their fire…

The rocky road to happiness continues as Jackson tries to learn how to be in a relationship, and Rosie tries to learn how to fully trust her feelings, and the man she loves.

~ 5 STARS ~
I freaking LOVED this sequel! It had romance, passion, angst, delicious sex scenes, and even moments where I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall!!! And holy crap!!!! That ending!!!!??? A true " WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????" moment!
I-NEED-BOOK-THREE-NOW!!! This is a definite must read!!! 

The characters were even more amazing. They developed perfectly throughout the story line. There were secrets revealed from Rosie's past and if I thought she was a strong person before, hell, she impressed me even more after reading this book. Wow. 

Jackson was very swoony. A true romantic. He's very protective of Rosie and very alpha-male-like. Simply yummy!!! BUT..... I have to say, every time I felt like throwing my Kindle against the wall, it was thanks to him!!! There were moments I found myself hating his guts.

This book had a lot of page-turning scenes where I simply, for the life of me, could not stop reading! I really need the third book! 

Dying to know how Jackson and Rosie's story ends!!!!! FIVE STARS!

Series: Mr Write Trilogy, Book 3 
After a rocky few months of trying to save her relationship, Rosie Alvez lies unconscious in a hospital bed, fighting for her life…

Meanwhile, Jackson, her fiancé prepares himself to fight for her.

The ups and downs of the past year have taken their toll on the young couple, but the trials are far from over.

With deadlines, insecurities, and past conquests hanging over the two like a dark cloud, they wonder if they’ll be able to weather the storms that are looming…

~ 4.5 STARS ~
"I'll do whatever I can to protect Rosie from further heartbreak"

After that cliffhanger ending in book two, I was very anxious to get my hands on this final installment in the Mr. Write Trilogy.  And boy, this was a book full of heartache!! It was one thing after another!!! I swear, Rosie and Jackson could not catch a break.

"The rain is pouring, hammering against the window as though the sky is crying the tears that I'm determined to hold back."

Jackson tried his best to show his unconditional love for Rosie, but given the fact that he was the main reason she kept suffering, well, things didn't look too good for them for a while there.  Rosie reached a point where she just broke. There were moments where she kind of got on my nerve, but most of the time, I understood her feelings and hesitations. Jackson's past just kept coming back to bite her in the ass!

"I love you more than I ever thought possible Rosie. I can't face the future without you!"

"...I'd rather make it through hard times with my soulmate than no times at all."

The secondary characters were as always, great! I enjoyed reading about them just as much as I enjoyed reading about Rosie and Jackson, especially Rafe!! I can't stress enough how much I love him! Quite the funny guy.

Okay, so... I absolutely LOVED the ending! It was my favorite part of the book!!

Marrying Mr. Write was a great book full of romance, passion, heartache, and angst. The only downer for me was that I found it to be a bit rushed which is why I'm giving it 4.5 stars.  But overall, it was a great conclusion to a great trilogy!

I recommend the entire Mr. Write Trilogy!

"To family and to happiness."


~ Cassandra P. Lewis ~

Cassandra P Lewis was born on 1st June 1984 in Birmingham, England.
The youngest daughter of Pauline & Alan Lewis, the family relocated to Staffordshire in 1999 to run a pub.

Cassie always harboured a passion for creative writing but was held back by a lack of confidence, inspired by her father's terminal cancer in 2012, she decided that life was too short for regrets and set about writing her first novel, Meeting Mr Write.

Cassie lives in Derbyshire with her fiance Aaron and their dog Busby.

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