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Book Review: Only This by Hadley Quinn

Author: Hadley Quinn
Series: The McCallans #3
When you’re the new guy in a family of heavy hitters, life doesn’t always seem to be in your control. Tyse McCallan proceeds with caution, even though his arrival has been accepted—for the most part—positively. Of course the media has taken special interest in him, but Tyse wants no part in the fame game. He spends his time with family members that share his same approach to life while focusing on running a new recording studio.

Lucky for him, he’s also got a gorgeous business neighbor a few doors down. Sarah Douglas is smart, witty, and sweet, but she suddenly develops a very strong aversion to him. Tyse knows it has to do with discovering his last name, but he’s determined to change her opinion of him.

Tyse has always fought through his hardships and come out on top, believing you should always forgive quickly and move forward. This time his beliefs are fully challenged, and now he has to trudge through McCallan secrets that could make him question why he came looking for his family in the first place…

5 Stars

We got Teague and Camryn in Kiss This
We got Jay and Melanie in Tame This
We finally got Tyse and Sarah in Only This

I loved each of these stories, but Only This holds a special place for me. This book was one of love and patience, and boy does Tyse have an immense amount of patience! In this book, we were taken back to visit the relationships of each couple, and that was such a treat.  Visiting with the other couples really showed Tyse’s integration into the family and how well HE worked with them.  As we saw what life was like for Tyse being integrated into the family dynamics, problems and all, we also got to see him explore an emotional side.  I must say, his demeanor is so sweet, and soft, but so manly and protective. He was swoony and I loved that about him. His honesty and integrity were never an option….it was always there. I really enjoyed this character, a lot.

One chance meeting: Tyse meets Sarah and he felt a deep and immediate connection with her. He was taken aback by her demeanor and her wit, but her beauty was what grabbed him.

“Her physical appearance was what first hooked him—he wasn’t going to deny that—but it was her smile that did him in. Her smile somehow connected to her beautiful blue eyes.” ~Tyse

Their relationship wasn’t overdone, and it certainly wasn’t understated…..it went along at a pace that worked for Sarah and Tyse, and by doing so, we learned a lot about Tyse and his patience, but also about Sarah and how worried she was. Sarah was very skeptical with Tyse and his intentions, and I don’t blame her one bit!! The McCallan name has a horrible reputation behind it, and Sarah certainly didn’t want to get wrapped up in it, not after what happened to her family. 

“I feel in my heart that I should try. In my head, it doesn’t make sense because of what I’ve gone through with your family, but in my heart it feels right.” ~Sarah

But how do you stop your heart and your head from arguing with each other? Who wins out? Seeing their relationship progress and the hurdles they had to overcome was the best part of this story. We got to see a softer side to a McCallan, and he was a perfect gentleman. I wanted to snuggle him!! Tyse is such a genuine man that his outlook on things was very refreshing.  He was never uppity or cocky, but always caring and thoughtful, witty and funny…..he was the REAL DEAL. I really enjoyed their joking around and Tyse's sense of humor. Sarah really *got* him and their communication was spot on. They worked so well together. I loved it!!

I highly recommend this book and am so glad I got to enjoy their story. I think my favorite part of the whole book was when he was naming off his “favorites” to Sarah….it truly brought a smile to my face.



Hadley Quinn

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