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Book Review: All For This by Lexi Ryan

Author: Lexi Ryan
Series: Here and Now, Book 3
This highly-anticipated conclusion to the Here and Now series.

**ALL FOR THIS is the third book in the Here and Now trilogy. It is not a stand-alone and it’s intended to be read after LOST IN ME and FALL TO YOU.**

What if you would never remember the day you made the most important decision of your life?

That’s what they’re telling me about the day of my accident—the day I put on Max’s ring and chose him over Nate. I’m counting on the wisdom behind a decision I don’t remember making.

Max is amazing—sexy, sweet, and kind. I was starting to believe happily-ever-after might be in my future after all. Then the unthinkable happened and my world imploded. If I’m going to make this work with Max, I need my missing memories, or at least answers from about those five days before my accident.

But what does my future hold if those answers aren't anything like I imagined?

5 Stars

What a rollercoaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok.....just wow. Ok? WOW! I am fairly positive that I wont be able to put into words how this book made me FEEL, how it threw me for a loop (or four), how it moved me and made me smile, ache, giggle, hurt and finally swoon. I have been, and always will be, #TeamNate. Having said that....this book shredded my heart. It was so amazing. Gosh! I don't know if I can put into words what it did to me!! Gah!!! I will say that Lexi Ryan is IT. It, I tell you! She really knows how to make you fall in love with two men, break your heart for each one of them, put you back together slowly with the missing puzzle pieces to make you whole again. WOW. <-- I may say that a few times. It really made me giddy by the time it was all said and done, but getting there was the biggest uphill, but amazing battle, ever. EVER. 

Hanna had a lot going on in this book, but the end result was beautifully amazing. We were left with a shocking twist at the end of Fall To You , and it was enough to make you catch your breath. Hanna had to come to grips with Nate at her door and how he got there after finally accepting the fact that he was out of her life for good. 

And here he is-fucking Good Guy of the Year-holding her up when her lover stands at the door. ~Nate

This book is told from three points of view; Nate, Max and Hanna. I loved seeing all these different thoughts and it really made you think. Honestly.....think. I had a little bit of my heart pulled in two different ways, and poor Hanna had to rummage through her brain and her heart and come to grips with what she was slowly remembering, and also being reminded of. I seriously wanted to curl up in a.....oh, who am I kidding. I totally curled up into a ball and read the book from start to finish in one day. I had to ignore the family to get my #NateFix. I am seriously in love with Nate. Totally #TeamNate still.....but that doesn't negate the fact that Max is there and has a piece of her heart and she is torn. I AM TORN!! She really doesn't know what to do, and her journey to find out who she is supposed to be with was such an amazing journey to witness. 

"Angel," I call. She stops but doesn't turn to me. "You can leave, but you're taking my heart with you. You can choose him, but part of you will always be mine." ~Nate

Ok.....panties gone. disappeared. disintegrated. He. Is. The. Man. 

Max appears to be her easy choice....he's safe and he will always take care of her. Nate comes back to see them together and his heart is broken....he is so broken up about it. And Nate made a promise to Hanna that once she made a choice, he'd let her go. I am *SO* glad he pulled his head out of his arse. My favorite exchange in the beginning of the book when he's talking to Maggie about what is going on:
"I'm a fuck-up," I mutter. "A fuck-up who can't keep his promise."
"What promise is that?"
"I promised that, if she chose him, I'd let her go. I promised that I wouldn't make her second-guess her decision."
"You think you broke that promise?"
I shake my head, grinning now. "No. But I plan to."

This exchange right here set the tone for the entire book. I *lovedlovedloved* that he wasn't about to give up on true love. Pure love. Honest, intense, soul-crushing love. Because that is what he and Hanna had together. It was the real thing....and it comes along once in a lifetime and it makes itself KNOWN. Now, again, Max loves her with all his heart. He truly does. And trust me, we surely felt that. I may have had a quivering lip a few times while reading his heartfelt proclamation of love many times over, but Nate wasn't going down without a fight!! (*Go, Nate!! GO!!*). 

Ok. Giddyness aside, because I am still giggling like a school girl, Hanna did NOT give in so easily. With the love and respect that she has for Max, and the intense emotional grip that Nate has on her, she has a good head on her shoulders and makes sure that she does what she needs to do to ensure that she doesn't make any decisions she will regret. Unfortunately, that also stops her from allowing true love to make it's way into her heart to stay. However, each guy makes sure she knows just how much she is loved and just how far they are willing to go to show her just how much she is loved. 

"You don't play fair."
"Fuck fair. For you, angel, I'll play downright dirty."

Love. That was the overwhelming feeling for me. I loved that Nate wasn't willing to give up and he let her know. So sexy. MMMM!! Mr. Dominant. There was an eventual shift in the story and I felt it, once her decision was made. Getting to that point, however, was a very hard road to hoe. She had to weed through lies, misconceptions, secrets and deep emotions. I felt these emotions along the way with Nate, Max and Hanna and was really swallowed up by this story. 

"You can't love someone the way they deserve when half your heart still belongs to someone else."

That's a harsh realization. Seeing it all unravel the way it did, that did me in. I melted and swooned so hard, I think I am in a slump. Not sure if this is a book hangover, but I want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate, sit on the couch with my #BlogSister and chat about this book and all the feelings it made me feel. I sent her this message immediately after I finished it:

**5 fucking stars! Confetti falls. Balloons release. Doves fly out. Amazing. I'm so happy the way this book finished! I love Lexi Ryan!! Twice she's wrapped me up in a trilogy and twice she's made me fall in love!!!**

I can't recommend this trilogy enough. Make sure you start out with her New Hope Trilogy first to get the back story on Maggie and Asher in Unbreak Me, Will and Cally's story in Wish I May, and a novella for Will and Cally called Stolen Wishes. This was my first trilogy of hers I have ever read, and that turned me onto the Here and Now trilogy. I can't recommend these trilogies enough. Up next for Lexi is Liz and Sam's story coming in two books called Something Reckless (Add to Goodreads, coming December 2014) and Something Real (Coming 2015). I can't wait to see their story come to life. 

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Lexi Ryan

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Lexi Ryan’s novels have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. A former college professor, she now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a neurotic dog. Find her on Facebook or Twitter to chat about books, TV, and her children’s latest antics.

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