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THE SOUL by @dNicholeKing #ParanormalRomance

THE SOUL by d. Nichole King
Series: Spirit Trilogy, Book #3
Genre: YA urban fantasy/paranormal
Release date: October 11, 2016

Publisher: Limitless Publisher
A soul is not meant to be severed from its spirit.

Neither is it meant to be ripped in two.
Half of Lucas’s soul is lost, and the rest he forfeited to save Carrie’s life. Now, the piece residing in her calls out for unity, and the cry is too much for her to bear. Her spirit suffers, and Lucas fears for her life.

The connection between the couple grows, but so does the evil pursuing them.

When Carrie falls into the clutches of a demon, she and Lucas realize Hell is invested in their search for his soul. Demons know Villisca is without a necromancer, and that Carrie sees the auras of supernaturals. So they offer Carrie a deal.

A prophecy is given. A choice is made.

Love is supposed to conquer all, but the closer Lucas and Carrie come to merging his soul, the more ephemeral their future together appears. When the price is finally revealed—
More than one life is at stake.


First of all, all three books HAVE TO BE READ IN ORDER. They are NOT standalone novels.
Now, going in, I thought these books were Paranormal, not Paranormal Romance so I was very much pleased with the surprise that they are in fact very romantic. (I only read blurbs ONCE so by the time I go to read the actual book, I've most likely forgotten what it's even aboutwhich I love doing!) Now, it's also very paranormal to the point where I've found myself feeling creeped out and scared!

D. Nichole King's writing is flawless and I've had no problem in picturing each and every single scene unfold. I've read during the night, so suffice it to say, I've been sleeping with a nightlight, especially while reading book 1: The Spirit.

I'm currently reading book 2, The Body, and I'm 100% emotionally invested in Carrie and Lucas and their journey. If I'm 500% honest, I'm terrified— no, more like petrifiedthat their journey won't end well come book 3, The Soul, which is the conclusion.

Once I am done reading all three books, I will write a complete series review but do know that book 1 is a FIVE STAR novel and as of this moment, book 2 is looking to be the same rating.

D. Nichole King is an author you NEED to check out!!

The lives of at least two people hinged on my actions tonight, and I was no diplomat. Making deals with demons—how had we gotten to this point?
“The potion you took from Megan, to bring you back to life?” I said, changing the subject. “A few months ago, when you were pale and sick…you weren’t fading away. You were dying.”
The coolness of his palm settled on my cheek, and he nodded. “I had died, yes.”
“Because you were experimenting with this potion, and it didn’t work?”
I shuffled my feet on the floor, debating if I wanted an answer to my next question. I swallowed the emotion rising in my throat. “How many times have you died?”
He tipped my face up to his. “Fifteen.”
That emotion raced back up, and a tear fell onto my cheek. With his thumb, Lucas wiped it away.
“I’d die a million more times if it brought me a step closer to you hearing my heartbeat. We might be here to search for my soul, but I’m not giving up on us.”
I caressed his face, memorizing the smoothness of his skin, how his dark eyelashes accentuated the color of his irises, how tiny laugh lines appeared at the corners of his eyes when he smiled. And that lone dimple. He knew how to work his half-grin so that it appeared just enough to make my heart forget to beat.
Yes, my broken soulmate belonged to me, and I to him.
“I love you,” I whispered. “Remember that, okay?”
The numbers on the clock flashed in my periphery. “We’re two minutes late.”
Lucas wrapped in me in close. “Come on, then, beautiful. It’s date night.”

d. Nichole King was born with a book in her hand. During her school years, she’d hide books inside textbooks, read during recess, changing classes, and while walking home from school. She wrote her first book at the age of 11, and the re-worked version of that book is her debut novel, LOVE ALWAYS, KATE.

Her YA urban fantasy series, THE SPIRIT TRILOGY, along with her NA contemporary series, LOVE ALWAYS, was acquired by Limitless Publishing and includes a total of six books. BREAKING THROUGH, an NA science-fiction romance, is her first self-published novel.

d. Nichole King currently resides in a small town in Iowa with her supportive husband, four amazing kids, a dog, a cat, a fish, and a turtle.

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