Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TIMELESS HOPE by Jamie Lynn Boothe @boop1967 #BOOKREVIEW #NewRelease


TIMELESS HOPE A Collection by Jamie Lynn Boothe
A collection of Romantic and Inspirational short stories that will reach into our soul and deeply into you heart. Walk with the characters and see what they have to say.

Little Red Shoes…a young widowed mother who has an angel for a six year old daughter. Her father, who was killed in Iraq talks to her in her dreams and stays connected with her. A day comes when she sees an opportunity to do something good and she doesn’t pass it up.

A Fireside Request…a love story about an older man and woman who live in a retirement community. Both are alone and both are in love, but neither has had the courage to tell the other. Read what happens as love arrives again when you think you may be too old for it.

The Miracle…a touching story of hope and faith during a mans struggle with what life has thrown at him. He’s given an opportunity when he doesn’t even realize it. Does he make the right choice and what happens when he chooses. Take a moment and see what unfolds when a Higher Power steps in.

A Petal from a Rose…Can a dream really become a reality? When Steven dreams every single night of the woman he has always hoped for he thinks he is losing his mind. When she begins to leave him something on his pillow he’s almost convinced until something unimaginable happens.

Butterfly…a young woman struggles with pain and loss and lives within personal boundaries that hold her down. Can she overcome the pain, transform and find her true meaning in life?


I just started and finished this amazing book TODAY and I'm left feeling a strong sense of inner peace.

Timeless Hope by Jamie Lynn Boothe is made up of several short stories that while short, are nothing short of amazing and jam-packed with emotions. 

No matter the storyline, there's an immense feeling of hope in all of them (hence the title of course). Whether it's getting a second chance at life yourself or helping out someone in need, there's always hope for some GOOD in this world. 

This book could not come at a better time!! With everything that's going on, we all need a little positivity. 

This BRAND NEW RELEASE (yes, it went live TODAY!) is a perfect book for a cold, early morning while snuggled up in a blanket with your favorite cup of coffee (or tea or hot cocoa). 

Go one-click!! FIVE STARS!


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