Friday, December 18, 2015

LOVE LONELY by @_WilliamCCole - #Review

Will she be able to alter her existing lifestyle to save him? 
Or is it too late?

A Suspenseful Romantic Story of Love, Loneliness & Espionage

Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
When an injury forced David into an early retirement from his professional hockey career, he accepted a position to oversee the operations of his father-in-law’s thoroughbred horseracing division. 

David’s wife Sandy is referred to as one of the most influential and beautiful women in the world. However, her official role as the family’s philanthropist requires an exhaustive amount of time away from home. 

Upon her return from a recent trip, Sandy took notice of her husband’s attraction to his assistant trainer Renée, instantly recognizing the magnetism between them. 

Renée is a petite young French girl who is suddenly given the opportunity to work closely with David soon after the head trainer is forced to resign. 

Now traveling companions, with each passing day, the sexual tension between the two intensifies. 

Sandy knows all too well that she is on the verge of losing her husband. Will she be able to alter her existing lifestyle to save him? 

Or is it too late…

Barnes & Noble:

If you've been following my blog from the very beginning, then you know that Romantic Suspense is my all-time favorite genre. The mystery, the action, and the romance keep me turning the pages, wanting to see how the story unfolds. Love Lonely by William C. Cole was no different. 

Right off the bat I was intrigued by the plot and curious to see where the author was going with it. His amount of detail while describing not only the characters but the scenes, made it easy for me to visualize everything. Massive plus, especially when it comes to a book like this one where it's not just a sweet romance. Nope. This book was so much more and had a little bit of everything! Intrigue, suspense, action, and yes, of course, romance too.  

I must admit though, that first chapter made me sad. I hate it when animals die in books, so reading about the two horse they lost kind of broke my heart. LOL! Well anyway, I really didn't have the time to focus on that since quickly thereafter we got introduced to a little detail about David that made me slightly nervous. The thoughts he had towards Renée, his employee, were anything but innocent! Ha. Her character was pretty darn amazing, though. The sexual tension and chemistry truly sizzled off the pages!

The character development was fantastic! The author did such an amazing job with this. The espionage side of this book was completely addicting and it took me back to the days were I only read action or thriller novels.  This was an exciting book to read, and after that ending, I am highly anticipating the next installment!

William C. Cole

I was born in Toronto and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, where I currently reside. My wife Diane has been by my side for 34 years, which I believe should propel her directly into sainthood. I have been blessed with an amazing and supportive family.

Creativity has always been a part of my journey. Writing seems to be a natural extension to my years in the music industry, where I had the pleasure of listening to songs I penned being played on the radio. 

When not working, sleeping, biking, or writing, I am on the golf course trying to keep up with my sons Lee and Aaron. 

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