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Book Tour: Grind by Sawyer Bennett

Title: Grind
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Series: Legal Affairs, Cal and Macy's Story Book 2

Grind (verb): to weaken or destroy gradually

Macy Carrington is not the woman I once thought her to be.

What she does not allow her heart to feel, she gives with her body. The sex between us is explosive and depraved. I've done things with her that would never have crossed my wildest imagination, and I can't ever seem to get enough.

But now I want more from her. I want to figure out her dark secret, expose it and then help her to heal from it. I know, without a doubt, that Macy is capable of love, and I will grind her down until I make her accept the truth of it.

Grind (verb): to wear down, polish, or sharpen by friction

Cal Carson is not the man I once thought him to be.

Strong, determined, sexy as hell and a beast in the bedroom. He is every woman's fantasy.

He is my fantasy.

But no matter how hard Cal tries to grind me down, my heart and secrets are mine and mine alone.



If ever a book tested some boundaries, this one was it.....for me. This book also detailed the self-loathing and self-hatred one could have for themselves, but had figured a way to 'work' through it. Different? YES. Very much so. And the POV from this book was the most UNIQUE way I have EVER had a story told to me. I loved it. Hands down,

Macy Carrington has something she is hiding....she knows it. Mac knows it. And now Cal knows OF it....and he is determined to find out WHAT it is. 

~She fucking shudders hard in my arms, and it breaks my heart. Makes me want to go slay all of her dragons, and yet...I don't know what to kill yet. I don't know a goddam thing.~

I fell so deep in love with Cal and Macy in this book. This book was so seductive on many different levels, but my favorite part was the fact that we had Macy so messed up on the inside, but so put together on the outside, trying to find her way outside the walls of her heart. She truly found something and wanted to be able to explore it, but wasn't too sure how to go about doing it. 

Desperate (adjective):
reckless or dangerous because of despair, hopelessness, or urgency:
a desperate killer.
having an urgent need, desire, etc.: desperate for attention;
desperate to find a job.
leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous:
a desperate illness.
extremely bad; intolerable or shocking:
clothes in desperate taste.
extreme or excessive.
making a final, ultimate effort; giving all:
a desperate attempt to save a life.
actuated by a feeling of hopelessness.

I think, given all that went on, Macy started to feel 'desperate' (not to mention confused) because Cal gave her such a reprieve of her everyday hatred for what happened to her in her past, and she found herself needing him more and more. Breaking her own rules to continue to search for her peace within her warring heart, she found something in Cal that she hasn't gotten from any other man. EVER. We can call it her euphoric high....her release. I loved the way we saw her grow and find what worked for her. It was a hard road....very rough, but very necessary. And Cal was just the man that she needed to release her from her own silent prison. 

However, you know the saying; "If it's too good to be true"....? I'm sure Macy felt that way....she had this amazing man, but she knew she wasn't what he needed and the 'relationship' they had was on her terms and her terms only. Poor Cal....his heart is HUGE. I love him. Ok? LOVE.HIM. The way he handled her and all her 'issues' was absolute perfection. He is perfect.

Cal never questioned his need to protect her....and that is, to me, a stand-up, true gentleman. He just knew that he was the man to do it...he needed to take care of her. He knew of Macy's adverse feelings to an actual relationship, but what they had, while NOT conventional, worked for them

I loved this story and the cliffie at the end of this one left me breathless!! I need to know what happens!!! So much drama, so many feelings to feel and then....then, I wait. 

~"You need to run, Cal. You need to run far away from me and don't ever look back."~

But, Sawyer Bennett is the best kind of waiting. Her books are magical. I love them!!!! I love getting caught up in her are completely transported and just get to immerse yourself in a whole new world. Hurry up and bring me Yield!!!
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~Sawyer Bennett~
USA Today Best-Selling Author, Sawyer Bennett is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company which lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.
Sawyer is the author of several contemporary romances including the popular Off Series, the Legal Affairs Series and the Last Call Series.

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