Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review: Packaged by SE Hall

Authors: SE Hall and Angela Graham

Certain men.
Certain professions.
Some things are just universally SEXY.
But maybe not quite this sexy-

"You've been expecting this."

4 Stars
Here is another amazing collaboration between SE Hall and Angela Graham. These two authors together have such a great, smooth storytelling ability that we have already had the pleasure of enjoying in Stirred Up (1&2).

So, that synopsis that surely doesn’t give you much to go on, right?? Well, let me tell you something. The book makes up for it in *SO* many ways! This book may be a quickie, (erotic to boot!!!) but it leaves NOTHING to the imagination. We Meet Amelia who has a secret admirer…..and he seems to have a way with his words. Now, I may have felt a slight creeper factor in the verrrrah beginning based on how it all started, but by the time we got to meet “him” throughout the book, I really enjoyed the back and forth between these two and watching their “relationship” develop. They had such a different friendship, but the banter was really funny to read too!

This was a short book, it’s just a quickie, so there is only so much that can be told and elaborated on, but it really allowed us to get to know Amelia and her admirer. I didn’t feel that I was rushed, and I didn’t feel like I was really missing out on any plot at all. I think this book came together really well and I truly enjoyed reading it!!  The premise behind the admirer is really a unique storyline and I like the way it unfolded. It allowed for some angsty times, but also allowed for a little turmoil and just the right amount of drama to pull the book together.  There is a little treat in this book for fans of SE Hall and Angela Graham, one that I think was fun to see with a little cameo.

"Either I’m really appreciative of all his “studies” now, or the man was born the natural God of Go Down. Either way, I’m a grateful recipient." ~Amelia

I will say this; I have fallen for “HIM”.  I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next quickie from these two!!



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