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Review Tour Stop + #Giveaway: "Blindfold Fantasy" by D.L. Roan

Blindfold Fantasy 
by D.L. Roan
Genre: Erotic Romance ~ Menage
A gigolo? To celebrate landing the job of her dreams, architect Jayne Simon’s best friend hired a golden-tanned, tattooed sex god to fulfill her blindfold fantasy. No! No way! How could she possibly do that with him when just looking at his picture makes her blush?

The last thing CEO of Silverland Industries, Devin Kirk, expects to find when he tracks down his troubled best friend in Vegas is an overbooked gigolo-in-training. What the hell was Blake thinking? Staring at Blake’s new client’s hotel room door, blindfold in hand, Devin is soon asking himself that same question. When he said he’d do whatever it took to get Blake to take over his new project, visually impaired sex-for-hire was not in the plan. Neither was having the best night of his life with a woman he would never see.

The sooner Blake gets Devin’s new project off the ground, the sooner he can return to the land of fast booze and faster women and forget all the reasons he left L.A. in the first place. That’s if he survives Devin’s demon-spawned sister, a corporate spy and an unyielding hunger for SI’s newest architect.

WARNING: Blindfold Fantasy is a MFM erotic ménage romance containing sensual sex scenes that will scorch your eReader and two-yes two-angsty sex gods who throw around the "F-word" a little more than is socially acceptable for some sensitive readers. If you can't handle the heat, please stay out of the kitchen...the back seat...the office with a view…the... Yeah, you get the picture.

 I will preface this review with the fact that I absolutely love DL Roan. I fell in love with her Second Chances and Second Nature books last year and I just knew I was in for a treat when I got the synopsis and teasers for this one. After reading this book, I can safely say that she isn’t a one trick pony. She can write! She has the ability to wind you up and set you off….in such an erotic and sexy way. To say that I felt honored to be able to be a part of her tour for this book would be an understatement.

DL really can write a super steamy, sexy HOT ménage scene…..but reading this book, I can see the intense sensuality that played out in this one. This book was such a good, sensual and sexy read. It just was. Oh my gosh…to see a guy that goes into this ‘fantasy’ half-hearted, but comes out deeply affected, yep. DL did THAT. To ME. But on top of all that, I got a good laugh too. For a book to be so intense yet you can still laugh and not pull away from the intense feelings, that was awesome writing on her part. I laughed, I swooned, I lusted (I may be married, but I’m not dead!) and I felt the pain…all the emotions they felt, I felt.


To set it up, based on the synopsis alone…..Jayne has a super outgoing best friend in Roxy. Roxy lives life and enjoys it and they have been the best of friends for years. They have taken care of each other through all their hard times and they are pretty much sisters. To celebrate Jayne’s new big job, Roxy wants to celebrate BIG TIME—Las Vegas style BIG. Jayne is so….so…..safe. Quietly beautiful, even though she doesn’t know it, she is always safe in her decisions in life. Roxy is the one that adds the spice of life to her life! Needless to say, Roxy talks her into fulfilling one of her fantasies and Jayne is not too sure about this one!

“Trust me Jay. A man who knows what he’s doing can make you come just by the way he undresses you. You want the whole experience, don’t you? ~Roxy

That is how we meet Devin. Devin is all man….ALL man. Alpha, in control, always has things figured out and gets what he wants, when he wants it. He never settles. He showed up at his best friend’s house and Blake needed some help out with a “job”. I watched as Devin ends up with Jayne this fateful night and just fell into deep love. With a sensual and deep connection that even surprised him after their amazing night together, Devin is seriously shocked at what he feels. The way their night plays out, I really could have read an entire book based on that night alone!!

He had no idea what she looked like or who she was, but there was something infinitely more real and fragile about her; something special he wanted more of.

DL truly put the emotion and sensuality into this part of the story that just made me feel and swoon right along with Jayne. I think it’s safe to say, I fell in love with Devin…..I was in Devin Heaven!! With mind-numbing pleasure caressing Jayne’s body at the hands of Devin, the connection between these two is felt equally powerfully on both sides.

A sharp nip to her inner thigh was followed by the warmth of his tongue, soothing away the sting.

She was drunk on this man’s touch and it felt so unbelievably good to let go of everything and just….feel him.

He took care of her in every way possible…..but it wasn’t an in and out job. Nope. One promised orgasm turned into an entire night of desires and heart stopping, breath stealing moments of pure bliss. I meant it when I said that I could have read an entire book based on this night alone….it was pure sensuality based on senses alone. AAACK!! I loved it!!

If you think for one second that I’m leaving this room before I make you cum around me at least three more times, you can just get that thought right out of your pretty little head, angel. We’re just getting warmed up. ~Devin

So how did Blake worm his way into Jayne’s (and MINE) heart?? Well, I am a firm believer in fate. I love it when it plays out in a book so perfectly and it is actually a believable storyline. Blake is a carefree guy….on the outside. On the inside, he is trying to escape a painful past and live his life happily with no regrets and no pain.  The way he meets Jayne makes the story all that more enticing. Just watching it play out in Jayne’s mind….and then seeing Blake’s realization, yep. It was entertaining to say the least. I loved it. So funny! But Blakey-poo has a naughty side….one that would make a guilty pleasure come to life effortlessly, because he would be riiiiiight next to you enjoying it as well. HOT!!!

Heart stopping affection……that is what the three of them had. Magnetic? Intense? Erotic and sensual? Multiply that by 100 and you might be getting close. It was a force they had no control over.

The feelings they stirred inside her could never be described in a single human language.

However, the heavy pull on my heartstrings was evident when a problem arose, and we shall name that problem BITCH. To see them go through something so heartbreaking for as strong as they were caused by something so evil and so blindsiding, I truly felt the pain. It gave a whole new meaning to keeping your enemies close….

Some things are just hot……and DL really knows how to write a sexy and steamy ménage scene. I was so invested in this storyline. I felt a part of it….I was feeling their emotions, their love, the intensity between them and the heartache they went through. You want a good ménage story that is intense and believable and insanely sexy….pick up this book. I mean it. DL is easily one of my favorites, but I would never lie about something so important.

Excellent writing. Excellent story. Excellent characters. Excellent all around.

Her body was no longer hers. They were truly one in that very moment; one body, one soul, one fantasy come true.

5 super sensual and steamy stars. I can’t say it enough how deeply I felt the emotions in this book. Mind numbing, soul searching, heart stopping love. It was all there. It’s yours for the reading.


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D.L. Roan

After years of schlepping for the corporate world in an endless rotation of tasteless cube farms and cold coffee, DL Roan decided to give a little attention to the sexy voices inside her head and begin anew. Whether it's menage, action-adventure, passion-filled suspense, sexy cowboys, assassins or angels, DL's novels are sure to keep you on the edge of the page reading long into the night.
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