Friday, August 4, 2017

STAY by Jamie Lee #BookReview

STAY by Jamie Lee
A Fighting Chance Novel Book 2 

A chance meeting.
One immediate reaction.
Two unforgettable nights.
A connection that cannot be forged or forgotten.

Cedric was unforgivingly gorgeous and recklessly magnetic. From the moment we met, I was drawn to him without explanation, needed him without apology. 

They say timing is everything. I’ve learned that sometimes, “time” can steamroll all over your innocent-bystander heart, leaving you confused, uncertain, and full of unanswered questions. That’s what it felt like the night Cedric left—disappeared without reason or a promise to return.

Now, after months away, he’s back and timing is, once again, a huge slap in the face. Especially when his reason for leaving followed him home.

His past meets his present and we’re forced to figure out what that means for us.

We could have it all.

If only he would STAY.

Tess was like no other—beautifully vibrant and relentlessly tempting. One taste wasn’t enough.
Two only made me want her more. But my life was no longer my own. It belonged to another and I had no choice but to leave.


But now I’m back, and what I want and what I can have are two completely separate things.

They say timing is everything. I say circumstance trumps all.

We have the chance for something great, something one of a kind.

If only I could STAY.

STAY is Book 2 in the A Fighting Chance series but can be read as a stand-alone. You can meet Tess and Cedric in Book 1 – Runaway Love.



Jamie Lee has gained a fan!!! I LOVED Tess & Cedric's story!!! Emotional, passionate, angsty, and at times suspenseful, STAY was a page-turner for me!

A hot, single dad who's protective, a romantic, and a former MMA fighter? Um, yes please! Cedric was very swoon-worthy, in my opinion, and I absolutely adored reading about him and Kinzie. That little girl was funny and super adorable! She definitely added some humor to the storyline.

Tess was funny, down to earth, and everything Cedric needed. She was free-spirited and I loved that! It made her even more fitting for Cedric due to his situation with Ava. They clicked and had some hot chemistry!

The suspense picked up towards the end and I liked how the situation played out. Everything came full circle wonderfully!

I cannot wait to see what else Jamie Lee has planned! Loved her writing style!! Very natural, smooth, and easy to follow.


PS: I now want to move to that little town towards the end of the book, LOL! (You'll see what I mean once you read!)

Author Jamie Lee is just a simple girl with stories to tell. She’s has always had an overactive imagination, but it wasn’t until ten years ago when she finally started putting it to good use. She began writing fanfiction, never thinking it would go anywhere. Fast-forward ten years and she’s now a self-published author. 

Jamie Lee has an affinity to bad habits; coffee, licorice, Pepsi and swearing are just a few. She lives in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two of the most adorable boys ever, where she loves to read smut on cold winter days.


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