Sunday, July 16, 2017

Shades and Shadows by Carissa Ann Lynch and Brandon Nave #BookReview #NewRelease

by Carissa Ann Lynch & Bradon Nave
The classic game of cat and mouse…or not.

Nicolette is a woman of many skills. Her work with a blade has left many a man breathless. The 25-year-old beauty’s mind is as twisted as the life that made her what she is. Her hatred for demoralizing, controlling and demeaning men is matched only by her longing to capture him…the one that got away.

Her blade aches for the final cut…

Countless nights, 27-year-old Anderson has tucked himself away in his Chicago studio…consumed with the idea that she might return to finish him. His life has dwindled to a pathetic existence of awaiting execution.

Not all is as it seems…

In the shade of deception and the cover of night, twisted secrets are revealed and Nicolette learns she isn’t the only predator hunting within the shadows. Knives, sex, and two blood-lustful creatures of the night will have the people of Chicago closing their blinds each evening the second their streets succumb to shades…and shadows.


Dark, twisted, and completely captivating, Shades and Shadows is one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Oh, my goodness!! This is one of those books that will make you cringe while reading, and while you're terrified to know just what might happen next, you can't stop turning the pages! 

The emotions were raw and brilliantly developed throughout the book. Getting a glimpse of how Nicolette and Anderson think was creepy yet enthralling, cover to cover. Feeling the sense of panic Anderson lived with on a daily basis made me anxious! It was comforting seeing how some people cared enough to be there for him, though. I also found the newspaper "thing" both characters did to be a very cool and quite clever detail! 

Honestly, this book is a journey. A journey you must take on your own without knowing much about the plot so you understand how brilliantly well it was written. Go do yourself a favor and grab your copy! It's not an easy, sweet read, though! It's dark and horrifying at times. FIVE STARS.

Carissa Ann Lynch

Bradon Nave

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