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CHANGING DESTINY by @BrandyLRivers – #BlogTour + #GIVEAWAY!

Author – Brandy L Rivers
Series – Others of Seattle: Book 4 ~ Standalone
Genre – Paranormal romance
One decision can alter your destiny.

The nymph every woman desired swept Jayde off her feet, but an oath put Scotty in Saressa’s path. To protect Jayde, he did everything in his power to keep her from Saressa’s wicked clutches.

Years later—and finally free—Scotty catches a glimpse of Jayde. After everything he put her through he struggles with the decision to mend their broken love… or let her go.

Convinced she had been wrong about Scotty and their future, Jayde has moved on. An old friend pushes them together, but her heart has been battered.

With her hold on Scotty broken, Saressa will stop at nothing to regain control.

In an effort to convince Jayde she’s the only one, Scotty must rebuild the happiness stolen from them both. Or will Saressa change destiny once again?


Changing Destiny was a story full of passion, emotional angst, LOVE, and tons of paranormal beings that kept me turning the pages non-stop! Brandy L Rivers delivered yet another must read novel I recommend you one-click if you’re a paranormal romance junkie like me!

“I’m captivated by you. No other woman exists when you’re present. My thoughts haven’t strayed from you once, Jayde. I can’t be the only man who craves your time, though I’ll gladly monopolize it.”

Scotty. Oh, lordy, lord poor Scotty!! I’ve never NEEDED a character to get a happy ending so badly like I did with him. My heart broke for him and Jayde. They endured so much heartache for so long that I craved their HEA. I loved how their love was so pure and was one that could overcome ANYTHING. Which brings me to my other point: Saressa. Boy, oh boy, I HATED her.

“I love you, always have, and always will, no matter how far apart we are.”

Scotty and Jayde met centuries ago and everything was going wonderfully. They had this amazing relationship that proved they were meant to be. Until one fateful night changed EVERYTHING.

Enter Saressa. She came in between true love and BROKE Scotty. She flat out TORTURED the poor guy, but yet, his love for Jayde never diminished (despite Saressa’s efforts). His main purpose was to protect Jayde and keep her far away from Saressa’s EVIL tactics, regardless of what he had to endure to do so. And trust me when I say, the guy suffered. Saressa was a twisted, evil being!

“If you’re willing to give me chance, I’m not walking away. No matter what, I can’t go another century without you. As soon as I saw you, everything came rushing back.”

Centuries later, Scotty and Jayde’s love was still strong as ever. And while they finally got their second chance, their road was not easy. Scotty, while trying to keep Jayde safe, he did end up hurting her, so he had to earn her trust once again. On top of all that, as long as Saressa was alive, it would never be easy for them. They’d still be in danger.

“I’ll fight for you, no matter what, Jayde.”

SO MUCH HAPPENED. This book was anything but boring, as usual. Brandy L Rivers KNOWS how to keep her readers entertained. There was action, HOT scenes, fantastic paranormal characters, an amazing plot… Basically everything that makes a MUST READ! FIVE STARS!

“My husband.”
“My wife.”

“My destiny.”



I've always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I'm working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.

I'm a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.

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