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Audio Book Review: Shadows of the Past by Brandy L Rivers

Author: Brandy L Rivers
Series: Others of Edenton #1.5
Length: 8 hrs and 25 mins
Haunted by memories of her past, Amethyst Lakes left her home to come to Edenton. She was ready to start a new life on her own after being stalked relentlessly. 

Hayden Hunter is too busy being Sheriff to take interest in a woman. That is until his officer drags Amethyst into his life. For the first time he wants to protect and claim. 

There’s instant attraction between the two, but Amethyst isn’t ready for anyone since she found out her ex killed himself after she sent him away for good. 

Preston has always protected Amethyst, and when he finds out something of legend and nightmares is coming for her, he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe. 

Amethyst is either the catalyst to bring nightmares fully into this realm, or the one to end them. Can she find the power to stop the darkness, or will she wind up its prey? 

Pretty little nymph, suspicious but sexy earth fae, cocky mage, and a nightmare of old.

~ 5 STARS ~

This series keeps getting better and better!! Shadows of the Past was yet another masterpiece by Brandy L Rivers! Really – I completely loved this book! Once again, the narration by Kelly Hazen Storyteller Productions was on point. She managed to bring the story to life and as always, her different tones and voices enhanced the already fabulous plot. My only teeny, tiny issue was that Amethyst’s voice was a little bit ‘too high’ for my taste, but that did NOT take away from the amazing that this audio book was – at all – or from Kelly’s talented narration.

If there is one thing I love about this series, it’s the female lead character in each book. Ms. Rivers has managed to write strong women that, quite frankly, kick butt and take names. They don’t take crap from anyone, not even their men. In Shadows of the Past, Amethyst was no different. She may not have been the tallest girl around, but she was not a pushover by any means. I enjoyed seeing her get more comfortable with herself and her powers. LOVED seeing her come out of her shell and become the girl she was meant to be.

Hayden and Amethyst did not get off to a wonderful start. They both had their fair share of hesitations where giving into each other was concerned, but it was clear as day that they wanted to do so from the very beginning.  They couldn’t help it, really. Their reasons for not giving in so quickly were totally understandable, though, especially knowing what they each had been through.

Hayden and Amethyst were a perfect match - just what they each needed and man, what a perfect timing! They both were adamant about not falling in love and all that, but really? They could not fight it any longer. Their chemistry was palpable and it truly sizzled. I loved listening to their and I could not help but have a smile on my face the whole time.

Along with the very steamy romance, Rivers mixed in drama really well. I honestly consider Shadows of the Past to be a true page turner. Everything was balanced out perfectly and kept me 100% invested and intrigued. This book was FAR from boring. I loved seeing the other characters throughout the plot and all their interactions. Others of Edenton is a highly addictive Paranormal Romance series that I highly recommend! Another FIVE STAR, MUST READ, steamy romance!

- New Beginnings, #0.5: - 5 Stars!
- In Too Deep, #1: - 5 Stars!
- Shadows Fall, A Novellete #1.5: - 5 Stars!
- Shadows of the Past, #2: - 5 Stars!
- Fated Love, Novella #2.5:
- Falling Into Place, #3:
- Breaking Free, #4:
- Mending Scars, #5: - 5 Stars!
- Light in Darkness, #6:

- Others of Edenton BOXSET #1
Includes: New Beginnings, In Too Deep, Shadows Fall, and Shadows of the Past:

- Others of Edenton BOXSET #2
Includes: Fate Love, Falling Into Place, Breaking Free, Mending Scars, and Labor of Love:

~ Brandy L Rivers ~

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