Monday, June 13, 2016

#BookReview: DIRTY by @HJBellus - #99cents #NewRelease

DIRTY by: HJ Bellus
"Wrong Has Never Been So Right”

It's all about the next dollar. 

It started out as a job, but has morphed into an addiction. 

Money flows and life is good. 

Women respond to my mere presence, begging for one more taste.

I was the King, on top of the world. 

It was all a game and I expected nothing less than being crowned the champion. 

Then she waltzed into the club. 

And everything became dirty.

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I still remember the day HJ Bellus first messaged me, asking me to review her upcoming debut novel, CREE. It seems ages ago and now, almost 20 books later, HJ Bellus brings us a sexy page-turner in DIRTY. Now, when I say sexy, I really mean HOT. The sex scenes in DIRTY will cause HJ Bellus to receive letters from her fans 9 months from now, introducing her to their new babies! Hot. Hot. HOT.

Zane Rivers was SO much more than just a stripper. He was a sweet alpha (something I don’t read often) that did what he HAD to do for those he loved. He went to the ends of the earth, and then some, for those that mattered. He protected them and stopped at nothing to be there for them. Seeing him take care of his grandfather made my heart smile.

Ava’s character was another plus for me. She was so down-to-earth that I had no trouble understanding her and connecting with her. Her smartass and sarcastic remarks made me giggle a lot while reading too. Her and Zane’s chemistry was one of those that sizzled right off the pages of the book.

With funny, angst-driven, hot, and emotional scenes, DIRTY was a well-rounded book that kept me intrigued from beginning to end. Overall a fantastic story with great characters and a book I recommend!  Five stars! 

Book TWO in the series....
(Series name TBA)

FILTHY by HJ Bellus
Rhett & Darby's Book!
Coming August 2016
It was just a summer fling.

He taught me his bad boy ways.

And now I’m beyond being saved.

At first it was fun, but now it’s an addiction my skin craves.

All sense of reality disappears and there’s no boundaries holding me in.

My name is Darby and this is FILTHY.

Just a small town girl writing one fairytale at a time.  My heart is happy writing and sharing stories.  I hope you enjoy DIRTY.  

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