Thursday, March 31, 2016

#BookishConfession — Reading more than one book at a time...

I am one of those readers that thought that reading more than one book at a time was insane and 100% not possible. 

How could you focus on ONE book with another plot running through your head? I even thought that doing this would not be fair to authors because you would not be fully invested in their book...


Recently I've been reading 2-3 books at a time!! 



With my ADHD I never thought this could be a possibility for me, but it has been AMAZING! I've even combined reading with listening to an audio book — I read at night and listen to the audio book during the day while I work. Win, win! 

With my busy, busy daily schedules, my reading time had suffered A LOT and I was noticing that I would fall asleep fairly quickly once I started reading in bed. Mind you, this still happens some nights, but I also noticed that if I started a new book (sometimes deadlines will motivate a girl to do this! Ha!), I would get invested in the new story line and stay up longer. See, some nights I feel like reading a more angst-driven book, while other nights, I'm in the mood for a lighter read. 

So I alternate. 

Currently, I am in the middle of 2 books. One YA Romantic Suspense and one Contemporary Romance. And I'm fully invested in BOTH. 

Do YOU read more than one book at a time? If so, do you have a maximum number of books? Feel free to comment below or email me ( about this!  The most I've read is 3 at a time and it has worked out! Now, when it comes to reviewing them, I've struggled a bit because "reviews due" have gone from just the 1 to 2-3 — at a time! Haven't fallen behind on deadlines just yet, though! LOL!


  1. Yesssss! Sometimes I just cannot get into a story fully and flip back and forth. I have too many partials I absolutely must finish too

    1. I haven't gone passed 3 books at the same time just yet, but some days I'm tempted LOL

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  3. Yes! I read more than a book at a time, my max is 3 but lately I've been reading 2 at a time. It usually depends on my mood just like you said too.